Which type of roulette is better to play to win?

In casinos around the world, you will be able to play your favorite game : roulette. But beware, as with many casino games, you will have different variants, or rather different types of roulette, which will all have different characteristics from each other, even if the aim of the game remains the same.

What we are offering you today is to take a tour of the different existing roulette wheels in the world of land-based and online casinos, and then identify which roulette wheel is the most profitable for players.

Types of roulette around the world

As we told you in the presentation of this article, when you play in a casino, you have several choices of roulette:

European Roulette:

This is the most common type of roulette in Europe, as its name suggests. You will have a totally classic table but here, what makes this game special is its square 0 which is unique. You therefore have fewer boxes than in some wheels, which obviously benefits the player. We are talking about a casino advantage of 2.6% per spin played, which is not very important for a game of chance.

On the net, because of this specificity, it is very often European roulette that is chosen by players, because they have a choice.

American Roulette:

After the European, it is the most popular. It must be said that on the American continent, when you go to a land-based casino, you will not have a choice. The casino operators have decided to leave only this version inside their establishments for the simple and good reason that it is the one that brings them the most money. Indeed, it is in the American style that an extra box has become embedded. You will therefore have box 0 here but also box 00. One more box increases the house advantage to 5.2%, double the European one all the same.

French Roulette:

This roulette is not very represented in the majority of casinos but you must know that it exists because it would be possible that you meet it. Its particularity is to provide the player with additional ยูฟ่าเบท betting possibilities called “external bets”. This gives you more options and the game of roulette only becomes more exciting. If you need more details on the bets you can make in roulette, you can definitely consult our dedicated article.

Roulette Royal:

This type of roulette is a bit like progressive roulette. It is an equivalent that will allow you to pocket a jackpot that grows with the bets of the players. Just like in slot machines, the more players you have, the bigger the pot, which has the effect of attracting even more fans who only dream of one thing, winning the jackpot.

The rule, it should be specified, is not easy to win this sum which can quickly climb: you, as a player, must bet on the same number and this number comes out five times in a row. It’s extremely rare, but it does happen.

Which type of roulette pays you the most?

To take as little risk as possible, we strongly advise you to play European roulette because at first, it is less complicated than French roulette which includes more UFABET bets to remember, and then when we observe the probabilities, then they are more advantageous for the player during a part of European roulette. As we said, this comes from the fact that you have one space less compared to American roulette, the advantage of the casino is still reduced by half, which is not negligible.

What types of games are available in online casinos?

Casino games have been enjoyed by millions of people around the world for years. The event has become even more popular since the first online casinos started offering online services. It is now easier than ever to play and you do not have to leave home. Of course, even if you do not know computers well, you can still make money. Here are some of the games you will definitely find in online casinos.

Slot machines

After being used on physical machines in places like Las Vegas, slot machines are now available in many online and offline applications. They are very accessible and understandable. Slots come with a variety of themes, such as Pirates, Egyptians, and more. They are very different in terms of rules, promotions, policies, and even financial management. Most casino sites offer their games against the same sharing as other sites.


Also known as 21, originated in North America. Players compete on the grass with the house unlike any other. The goal is to earn a handful of closer to 21 than sellers. You also have to make sure you do not exceed the number 21. This is a strategy game because every decision you make manually affects the final outcome. In a typical blackjack game, the dealer and the player are given two cards at the beginning of the game. A house usually has a high arm because there are so many rules it likes.


It is one of the oldest casino games. However, it is still popular in today’s world. This is a computer program that automatically selects a specific sequence. These numbers must match the features or symbols of the slot machine or casino game. A typical online roulette game has a live dealer, a real ball, a real character, and a real wheel. The rules have been slightly changed, but the basic principles remain the same.


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