Who Is A Motorcycle Accident Lawyer & What To Expect?

Motorcycle accidents happen quite often. Ending up miserably with injuries and hospital bills from a Motorcycle accident is not the only option there is. Motorcycle accidents can be more deadly and crucial than car accidents. Motorcyclists are more likely to suffer physical injuries than car passengers. 

If you’ve recently been involved in a motorcycle accident, you likely suffered physical injuries. You also had to pay hospital bills and faced inconveniences.. This can be quite frustrating. There are yet Motorcycle accident lawyers who can help solve your predicament. 

Who Is A Motorcycle Accident lawyer?              

A motorcycle accident lawyer is a type of lawyer who specialises in cases involving Motorcycle accidents. The motive of a motorcycle accident lawyer is to help you get compensation and settlement you deserve, for the damages you might have suffered from  a motorcycle accident. Motorcycle accident lawyers specialise in building a case for motorcycle accident victims. They can conduct independent and in-depth investigations. They also gather witnesses and interview them. They take into detail everything that happened at the accident scene. Including minor details such as the weather condition on the day the accident occurred until they can determine the party at fault. A motorcycle accident lawyer assists in any type of motorcycle accident. You need the help of a motorcycle accident lawyer to help your  personal injury lawsuit.. When you have a toothache, you go to a dentist because you know he specialises in tooth problems. Why go to a Corporate lawyer? When you can go to a personal injury lawyer, who specialises in cases of motorcycle accidents? 

Things To Expect From Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

Listed below are services a qualified motorcycle accident lawyer would provide you.

  • The Lawyer would guide you step by step in your claim. He serves as your legal representation.
  • He/She ensures that the negligent driver is put in check and held accountable. 
  • He/She would explain the steps and procedures to be taken in your lawsuit.
  • He/She is expected to carry out an investigation on the accident, where he is able to determine the liability and how much you are to be compensated.

What Is A Personal Injury Claim?  

 A motorcycle accident lawyer is also a personal injury lawyer. Obtaining physical injuries and suffering damages from an accident, which was the fault of the other driver involved, is enough reason for  you to file a personal injury claim. This process involves getting compensation from the defaulter. You can file a personal injury claim not just for yourself, you can file a personal injury claim for your loved ones who were involved in an accident also. 

 In most cases, Personal injury lawyers are not paid before their service, it usually amounts to “No win, No pay”. And if the claim is successful, compensation is expected to come from the defaulter’s insurance company which includes compensation for Physical injuries, medical expenses, lost wages, and emotional or psychological distress.

How Can I Hire A Good Motorcycle Accident Lawyer?  

For your lawsuit to be successful, It is crucial you hire a good and experienced motorcycle accident lawyer.Not only do you need a medical team on your side, but you also need a great legal team. Now here are a few ways you can ensure you get a good Motorcycle accident lawyer that’s capable of helping out;                                  

  1. Ask Around: asking never hurts, Do you often ride on a motorcycle? You probably know two or more people that do the same. All you have to do is ask, you probably even know one or two persons who have been involved in a motorcycle accident. Find out what lawyers they used and how they went about their lawsuits.                                                  
  2. Do a background check: You are likely to get two or more recommendations on Motorcycle accident lawyers. Check their track records, the previous cases they’ve handled, and how successful they’ve been so far. Getting a qualified experienced motorcycle accident lawyer maximises your chance at victory with the lawsuit.                                         
  3. Check reviews from previous clients: the experience of clients these lawyers have worked for, may help you understand the process more clearly. Good reviews are a good sign, however, just because your family or friends won their lawsuit, it doesn’t guarantee your victory. Ask the right questions, and if every other thing falls into place then you may hire the recommended attorney.                           
  4. Contingency fee terms: Ensure your attorney fees aren’t ones to cost you sleepless nights. Fortunately, many personal injury lawyers settle for a percentage of the compensation so you do not have to break the bank to pay your lawyer’s fees.
  5. Online Research: The internet has made research easier. You can always find the nearest phone shop or cloth store near you. Appropriate law firms that specialise in Personal injury cases are not exempted. You can get all the vital information needed for your case and you may even book a consultation.                                                         
  6. Choose a committed Lawyer: With all factors considered, you may come across several options for good Personal injury Lawyers. Go for the lawyer that is more committed to your case.

Motorcycle accidents are not uncommon, what if you are at fault in a motorcycle accident? Do you have to run away?. Personal Injury protection may come in handy at this point.                                               

What Is Personal Injury Protection (PIP)?       

This is also known as “No fault insurance”. PIP insurance covers medical bills for Automobile accident victims. Irrespective of the party at fault, It provides insurance for automobiles. You do not have to run away. The PIP covers fees such as; medical fees, lost salaries, wages, and sometimes funeral costs if death results from an automobile accident.

 If you get involved in a crash with a truck or a car with your motorcycle, the extent of the coverage on your medical bills is dependent on the Insurance limits of the driver who caused the crash. You may have the best PIP package but it doesn’t matter if the accident is caused by a careless driver. The party at fault has their insurance more prioritised in such cases. The PIP insurance can also cover transportation bills to doctors’ appointments and other healthcare-related services.


Your lawyer will represent you throughout the entire legal procedure. They will attempt to reach a settlement along the process before proceeding to trial. At this stage, settlements are frequently struck, but if you need to proceed to trial, your lawyer will fight for your rights.


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