Why a Car Accident Attorney Makes a Difference






Getting into a car accident generally doesn’t represent how most people want their day to go. It can be traumatic, threatening, disruptive, and costly. So, when a driver or passenger gets over the initial shock of the accident itself, expecting one’s insurance company to be helpful is normal. However, what often happens is that the driver or passenger involved gets bombarded with a ton of paperwork, no real help or concern for injuries, and an expectation of admission of fault in the accident if the coverage provider makes an initial decision about what occurred. That’s not how accident protection is supposed to work.

Whose Priority Comes First?

Remember, insurance providers on both sides of the picture are businesses geared to make a profit from promising coverage in exchange for payments for the covered time period. The goal for the business is to keep claims at a minimum or attribute the cost as much as possible to someone else. When claims do come in, the insurance provider’s perspective is often prioritized on looking for any aspects that can be used to reduce the cost of the claim or avoid it versus providing the promised protection emphasized in all the marketing to the customer. So, the customer is essentially at the whim of the provider for help, which can be very frustrating when sitting in a hospital room and unable to function from injuries. 

Attorneys Don’t Just Sue in Court All Day Long

The value of a car accident attorney becomes immediately apparent. Unlike the insurance company, whose priority is their accounting books, an attorney works for the rights of the driver or passenger injured. That involves helping the client get the medical attention needed, as well as fending off both insurance companies trying to get paperwork signed for a quick settlement and potential lowballing of the cost of the claim involved.

A good car accident attorney can also provide advice on what options to pursue, something that can be incredibly valuable when a client is injured, struggling with pain, trying to put things back together, and dealing with the stress of holding onto work, life, and family care. Based on the details of the case, an attorney can easily provide objective direction on what recovery paths make sense and which ones could be a mistake for the client in the long term. Otherwise, trying to go it alone with all the recent changes in Florida traffic laws can be confusing for even the best out there.

Reach Out, Be Proactive for Your Recovery

Again, nobody wants to be in a car accident for the fun of it, and generally, most people try to avoid them with safe driving. However, odds are at some point a mistake is made, and that can involve just about anyone from any background, regardless of how proactive they are as a safe driver on the road. When it does, a driver will always be in a better position with a car accident attorney representing his or her interests in the claim and recovery process. So, while calling 1-800-Injured for an attorney might seem like something out of a TV commercial, the value behind that phone call can be tremendous for an accident victim. Don’t be another statistic; make sure your recovery is fully addressed for what you need, not what is convenient for claim processing criteria.

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