Why and when should you visit a cardiologist?

Heartbreaks are common, and you will move on eventually. But, there are some reasons and causes when you should not rely on time to heal yourself. It would be best if you visited a cardiologist as soon as possible to save a lot of health risks. A cardiologist is a specialized doctor to treats all conditions regarding your heart and cardiovascular health. It can be both medicine and surgical specialty, depending on your necessity. But, first, you need to identify the danger signs of your cardiovascular system and drag yourself to the ER fast. Here are some primary criteria to visit your cardiologist often. Please scroll below to get a brief discussion on cardiovascular health.

When to visit?

The first and the most dangerous sign of the cardiovascular disease is pain. If we are more specific, then it will be chest pain. Chest pain or angina pectoris is the most important cause of heart and cardiovascular disease. Over sixty percent of American citizens report experiencing angina before turning sixty. The statistics are crazy, and the progression ratio makes it even worse. The progression ratio indicates the percentage of complications one may get if the primary condition is not well. Most of the untreated cases of angina pectoris can proceed to cause a heart attack. It is also very familiar as Myocardial Infarction. Infarction indicates a tiny area of ischemic necrosis due to a lack of oxygen in the tissue level. Here, heart cells start to die and never regenerate. Your heart will not pump enough blood to supply the whole body and meet the physiological demand of oxygen. So, usually, you will feel generalized weakness, chest pain, and breathlessness.

Nowadays, doctors are treating all cases of breathlessness as suspected cases of COVID-19. So, there is a massive chance of misdiagnosis and treatment. You have to be very clean and sure about your chief complaint to your physician while visiting the ER. Otherwise, it will take longer to detect your case, and every minute is precious when you have a MI. It will be best to search for a cardiologist near me and make an emergency contact list with your primary health care provider. In any emergency or episode of unconsciousness, people around you can access your emergency contact. It will be easier to diagnose you earlier and treat you better.

Why do you need a cardiologist?

The healthy and young population usually has a misconception regarding health. Most people believe they do not need to visit a doctor until they are sick. It is not entirely true. Your physician has an avid idea of the ways your body works and requires extra attention. For example, people mostly overlook hypertension and diabetes Mellitus as these do not inflict pain. But, a long-standing case of uncontrollable hypertension can lead you to cardiac arrest and cardiac failure. It will not only affect your heart but other parts of your body. Uncontrolled hypertension produces excessive pressure on the delicate blood vessels of the eye. Rupture of the central artery of the retina can leave blind forever, and it is not reversible at all. It already sounds dangerous, and hypertension can stretch the blood vessels of your brain. Stroke is a common complication of uncontrollable hypertension. So, you should not ignore any slight symptoms of the cardiovascular system and visit your cardiologist. The doctor will examine you thoroughly and provide a chart of what you should and shouldn’t follow. Dietary modifications, lifestyle changes, and such protocols need professional supervision. Remember not to start any new medication or exercise regimen without consulting your cardiologist. It can cause more damage than good.