Why are Face Masks that important?

Wearing a face mask is vital for the patients and those who live in the surroundings. Doctors wear surgical and other face masks to prevent the transformation of the germ and other health-risking particles transmitted through breathing and sneezing. Coughing and different kinds of activities involve the discharge of germs. 

We all know the importance of the face mask, and during the pandemic of COVID-19, the importance of face masks has increased, and even a young child knows that he has to wear the face mask to protect himself from unwanted germs. These germs can enter through the mouth when we breathe from the mouth and smell, breathe, or sniff from the nose.

What is a face mask?

A face mask is a small patch of different kinds of materials that can provide us with the protection to control the transmission of infection-causing germs. Most of the face masks are made up of triple layers to offer extreme protection. These are, in fact, the part of the infection control strategy which can eliminate cross-contamination.

It works by blocking the direct contact of air from the environment with our respiratory system. Face masks do not raise the Carbon Dioxide (CO2) level but eliminate the risk rate for the direct contact of polluted, infected, or unhealthy air.

Types of Face Masks:

Face masks are seen in different Varieties. These varieties are often due to their usage. But some variations are also associated with their style.

Surgical face masks:

 surgical masks, also known as medicinal masks, are often used by physicians and healthcare providers and are generally associated with surgery and other processes of the hospital and clinics. 

But today, when we are facing a coronavirus epidemic, surgical masks are adopted by ordinary people to avoid any transmission of the virus. These masks often come in various colors, including blue, green, black, white, and many other colors. These masks are for one-time usage and are not reusable.


 these masks are generally made up of more than three protective layers. Generally, these are made up of plastic-type material. KN95 are typically not reusable, but recent studies reveal that these can be reused for a shorter period. 

These also come in a variety of colors and designs. These are best for protecting against coronavirus and are used mainly by physicians and healthcare providers dealing frontline with the coronavirus.

N95 mask: 

 The N95 is not to be confused with KN95 due to its similar name. The primary difference between these masks is that N95 is US Based and KN95 is China Based Mask. It is generally believed that N95 is more preferred over KN95 due to loose-fitting surgical masks by eliminating leakage around the mask.

Face Masks and COVID-19:

Today, the world faces the CoronaVirus epidemic, which is providing man with both a healthy and financial crisis. The virus itself is nothing but spreading due to the negligence of people. The only solution to stopping the current epidemic and resuming everyday life could be using precautions and, ultimately, using a face mask.

Using face masks prevents the spread of airborne infectious germs. When we talk, sneeze, or cough, we could release germs that may affect others by infecting nearby. Therefore wearing a mask is essential to control the spread of coronavirus.

How to wear a mask?

When talking about wearing a mask, it is also necessary to know how to wear a mask. Many people often wearing masks are evenly susceptible to coronavirus than those who are not wearing a mask.

The best way to wear a mask is by:

  • Choose a mask that fits best on your face.
  • Completely cover your nose and mouth.
  • Fit in such a way that there are no gaps left.
  • Appropriately use nose wire to get your mask fit.
  • Do not choose masks that make breathing.

People with beards:

While talking about face masks, there arises a question about how men with beards can use face masks. Beards may make your face masks fitting difficult. These problems can be overcome by:

  • Using mask fitters or braces.
  • Wearing double disposable masks so that they may get fit
  • There are also some masks designed for people with facial hair.

Do not wear a mask:

  • Under your nose.
  • Only in your nose.
  • Above your forehead.
  • Around your neck.
  • Only on your chin.
  • On your arms to keep it.

How to take off a mask?

Taking off a mask should also be known. In the current Coronavirus crisis, it is necessary to keep the information to eliminate covers off your face because viruses on the show could not get into your hands.

  • Untie the strings behind your head. You can also stretch the ear loops.
  • Handle only the ear loop and do not touch the front side of the mask.
  • Fold the outer corner of your mask and dispose of it.
  • Wash your hands.


Face masks are suitable to be used to prevent the disease. Therefore, they should be used primarily in the current Coronavirus crisis. We have the more informative articles to provide you with ultimate guidance. For more such unique and knowledgeable articles, visit Marham.Pk.

Additional Frequently asked questions (FAQs) about-face masks:

Some other questions which could arise in your mind are given as

What layer should the fabric mask be made up during the CoronaVirus epidemic?

The face mask should be made up of three layers. The inner layer comprises absorbent material such as cotton, a middle layer of non-absorptive material such as polypropylene, and the outer layer of polyester.

How long can I wear face masks?

Face masks are generally advised to wear not for more than 4 hours.

Can I share my mask with others?

Not at all. Because the droplets can get attached, which could be a source of spreading the disease.

Do I wear a mask and avoid contact with others if I have coronavirus?

Yes. Because you may spread the disease. Therefore you should have to restrict your contact and stay within your face mask.


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