Why Bloom & Oil is Leading the Way for CBD Companies

Bloom & Oil is a preeminent source of information on all things CBD, cannabinoid compounds, and cannabis plants. The CBD industry is changing, and quickly. New legislation and a wave of legalization of cannabis products are making the hemp plant a far less controversial topic, and Bloom & Oil stands at the forefront of this seismic shift in public opinion.

CBD and the Human Body

What many people don’t know about cannabis and the cannabinoids that are found within the flowers, leaves, and stems of the plant is that they actually interact seamlessly with the human body and its systems. Within each one of us lives an endocannabinoid system that participates in the regulation of the central nervous system, as well as mood, appetite, stress, and many other essential functions.

The endocannabinoid system is actually a holdover from ancient times. This little-known component of the human body is responsible for providing the natural surge in energy that was required to track and hunt down prey over the course of many miles—the way that human hunters are biologically designed to excel. Today, athletes experience this in the form of a runner’s high. The endocannabinoid system provided a significant boost of energy and positive emotional support right when these athletes needed it the most: the exhaustion part of the chase. This natural pairing is perhaps what makes CBD usage so popular among those with a large variety of health needs.

Today, CBD provides the same biological support to the human body, but it does so in ways that boost routine bodily functions rather than instinctual needs. Many people find that CBD solutions provide excellent mood support, control of discomfort, and even enhancements to everyday activity. These boosts are highly touted by many who utilize a Bloom & Oil CBD oil or CBD tincture on a daily basis for their supplement needs (see bloomandoil.com for more on the Bloom & Oil product lineup). This is just one of many suppliers out there, but the product lineup offered by Bloom & Oil, the customer service, and the fast turnaround on every order make this a frontrunner in the industry.

Of course, when you’re considering any new supplement, medication, or other health solution, it’s essential to speak with your doctor and read FDA guidelines that support the safe usage of the product. CBD oils are no different, and a consultation of these sources of information can make the incorporation of one of these new supplements a success for you and your unique wellness needs.

Top-quality suppliers are using state-of-the-art supply chain solutions.

Bloom & Oil sets itself apart from the pack with the latest in supply chain management solutions, including asset tracking implementations. Asset tracking is a major game-changer for distributors and manufacturers alike. These plugins allow businesses to maintain constant monitoring of all assets within the supply chain from production centers to delivery services. As the CBD and cannabis industry continues to grow into a more mainstream element of the health supplement space, these modern implementations are a crucial part of what sets some brands apart from the rest.

Indeed, when approaching the CBD space for your own health supplement needs, it’s essential to partner with a brand that offers these benefits. Modern science has transformed the ways in which suppliers manufacture, test, and distribute their products, making the entire cycle more cost-effective, safer, and even more environmentally friendly.

Bloom & Oil is making huge strides in the CBD industry today. From science-based hemp plant cultivation to technical distribution channels and support services, this is truly the future of the industry involving one of humanity’s oldest cultivated plant species.


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