Why Boise Homeowners Use Cash for Home Buyers

During April this year, the average days on market for real estate in Boise dropped to a record low of 14.

What if this isn’t fast enough for you though. A quick internet search for the terms, ‘sell my home for cash in Boise’ will reveal a host of companies willing to buy it faster than that.

Why do so many Boise homeowners prefer this option when they sell their homes? These are the benefits of getting cash for your home if you live in Boise.

You Get Cash for Your Home Fast

When you decide to sell a home for cash to one of these investors who advertise ‘We Buy Houses for Cash’, you could receive a cash offer within a week of your inquiry.

These businesses have buyers have the funds available to buy homes for cash quickly. So, there’s no waiting around for the mortgage approvals process to run its course.

No Haggling When You Sell Your Home

Thanks to the nationwide real estate boom, you’re likely to receive several offers when you advertise your home for sale. This means you’ll need to consider each of these before you make a decision.

It takes time to sift through the inevitable high and low offers to find one that suits your needs. It’s only natural that prospective buyers will try to get the best deal they can, so you’ll likely need to haggle with them before settling on a sale amount too.

All this back and forth is time-consuming and frustrating for urgent sellers.

It’s a Done Deal

There are fewer formalities involved when you get cash for your home this way. When you take the conventional route, you run the risk of your buyer’s mortgage application failing.

This means you’ll need to start the entire process again from scratch, with no certainty of a favorable outcome the next time around. Cash buyers simply make an offer and if you agree, they pay the money, sign the contract and take ownership of your property.

Fewer Expenses for You

Cash investors pay cash for homes for sale as-is. So, you needn’t worry about repairs and upgrades to make your home more attractive to buyers.

These investors have a list of buyers looking for homes like yours as fixer-uppers, so they’re not concerned about maintenance or aesthetic issues.

When you’re selling your home to the public, you’ll need to make sure it’s in good working order before you list it and might need to undergo an expensive home inspection too. These things cost money and take time.

For many sellers, the cost and time savings in this area make up for the lower prices offered by cash home buyers.

Make Informed Real Estate Decisions

Accepting a low offer isn’t always an option for Boise homeowners. So, if you need to get top dollar for your property, accepting cash for your home might not work for you.

Do your research first and weigh up the pros and cons of your situation before you decide. You can get started by exploring our blog for more information on real estate and home improvements.


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