Why Choose An Online Rya Day Skipper Course?

If you are considering re-entering education for skippering qualifications, it’s easy to be overwhelmed with the level of choice you now have. 

There are hundreds of providers offering so-called high-quality teaching with the chance to earn a more formal qualification at the end – and the same is definitely true for RYA skippering certificates. 

But how do you choose between in-person learning and their online counterparts? 

Let’s explore the benefits of an online RYA Day Skipper course to find out if it could be right for you. 

Why choose online learning for your RYA Day Skipper course? 

Online learning comes with some distinct benefits that make it a much better choice for a multitude of people. 

These benefits include, but are not limited to:

  • Studying can fit around your life 
  • More accessible learning 
  • Saves money 

Online courses fit around your life 

In-person classes run to a specific timetable that your life needs to move to accommodate. 

This is fine if you have a lot of free time and no responsibilities, but for many learners, this is just not the case. 

Instead, online courses offer unmatched convenience and flexibility – enabling them to fit around your life and not the other way around.

This means that you can study in pockets of time that are convenient to you, for example, later at night when the kids have been tucked in or first thing in the morning before work. 

The flexibility of online classes allows you to log in and complete your work anywhere, anytime — allowing you to study on your schedule and maintain your day-to-day life for minimal disruption and stress. 

Online learning can be more accessible 

Some learners might have disabilities or learning difficulties that make accessing a more standard, in-person curriculum very difficult. 

Perhaps the pressure of a full classroom and learning new information increases anxiety, or maybe learning differences increase the need for repetition beyond what would be considered reasonable in a traditional classroom environment.  

Maybe the classroom itself is inaccessible for people living with mobility – with awkward steps or split levels. 

Whatever the reason, online learning can be the equitable solution for gaining a new qualification. 

Online courses are more accessible and inclusive as they allow students to learn at their own pace, according to their own schedule. 

This empowers students to take notes, review lectures, and go over other course materials in a way that works best for them – even if that means using specialist accessibility technology or non-traditional methods. 

Online courses can save you money 

Attending post-secondary education can also end up costing you for the duration of your course because of factors like commuting and any meals or snacks you buy while there.  

If you make friends on your course this can be increased further with socialising such as after-course drinks or nights out!

Learning from the comfort of your home means that while you may use slightly more electricity, your studying costs will be effectively zero.

No costly commute, and you can eat the food and drink you already have while accessing the same high-quality, expert tuition for no extra charge.  

Perfect for savvy shoppers!

Will online learning offer the same level of tuition for the RYA Day Skipper course?

While the benefits can be attractive, some learners still worry that studying online for the RYA Day Skipper course will result in sub-par quality learning and qualifications. 

Nothing could be further from the truth. 

Online RYA Day Skipper courses from trusted advisors come with a range of course benefits that ensure you receive the same, if not better, quality teaching and reach a deep and thorough level of understanding. 

This includes:

  • Dedicated support from experienced RYA instructors, available 365 days a year 
  • 40 hours of lesson time that can be accessed at any time, in a range of formats to aid understanding
  • Regular quizzes and self-assessment exercises with feedback 
  • Mock exams with feedback to help you revise effectively
  • Extra resources, including training charts, a training almanac, and a course handbook 
  • End-of-course exams and certifications 

Giving you the best value for money for expert tuition. 

So, what are you waiting for? 

Start studying for your RYA Day Skipper course today!