Why Custom Box Become Popular In the USA?

Only 11% of customers all over the world are satisfied with modern packaging options. This is basically because of a lack of protection, interest, or other concerns. Among a variety of packaging choices, custom boxes are becoming most popular in the USA. They have solved a lot of product packaging and shipping problems, proving to be the most preferred choice of businesses. A custom box can create a consistent image of your brand and help in gaining more trust and recognition.  It is easy to design them to look the way you want. Thanks to the latest technologies that facilitate us in creating perfect custom packaging for every business regardless of its size. Let us view some more reasons to explain why custom boxes are becoming more popular with time, especially in the USA

Creates a First Impression:

The first impression can be formed in 100 milliseconds and that is immeasurably a small amount of time. Businesses must present their brand in a way that the customers start attracting towards their products instantly. Your packaging is the primary thing a customer sees or interacts with. If designed properly it can be a perfect selling point. Correct use of colors, typography, box style, images, printing patterns, and other branding elements can provide a wonderful experience that a customer remembers for a long.

Enhanced Protection:

Another reason that has made custom boxes a more successful choice over others is the enhanced level of protection. No one among us will like to receive his product broken, damaged, or cracked. Businesses can avoid this by investing in a custom packaging solution. Although the main purpose of every type of packaging is to keep your products safe but a custom box can provide a lot more protection as compared to standard stock options. Some products are odd-sized, uniquely shaped or so fragile that they can be broken easily by a little carelessness. A custom-designed box can address all your concerns.

The packaging can be molded in any shape depending upon your product characteristics. It may also provide an extra layer of padding if needed. When a product is placed in a highly durable custom box with enough cushioning it is less likely to damage during transition. As a result, the customers will be pleased to see their products in perfect condition when arrived.

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Helpful in Branding:

Packaging is the most essential part of branding. It helps in creating a recognizable image that customers can identify instantly. It is human nature that we prefer to purchase from the brand we know and trust. Custom boxes with logo and other brand identifiers like a recognizable color scheme or a signature printing pattern can play an important role in building your brand. Such design elements are easy to implement and can bring a big boost to your sales. Custom packaging is the easiest way to create a memorable brand image that can be identified even for years.

Product Consistency:

Customers expect to see the same quality across all the products a business offers. It can be difficult for businesses that offer a wide range of products. Custom boxes are a high-quality packaging solution that facilitates businesses to maintain the required level of consistency. Most of the businesses these days sell a variety of products. Each varies in size, color, shape, and functionality. Creating a custom packaging solution for each can help to ensure a consistent brand image. Product consistency is important due to several reasons. It helps in building customers’ trust. It makes people recognize your brand more easily by ensuring the required level of quality across the entire product line.

Great Unboxing:

Packaging is becoming more important as a trend. People love watching others opening their products. Unboxing is growing in popularity over the past few years. YouTube trends may change over time, but the unboxing videos seem to stay forever. The percentage of unboxing content uploaded on YouTube is increasing continuously. Millions of people view this content. A company that does not use custom packaging boxes misses out on this valuable opportunity of free advertisement. No one will like to film himself opening a boring box or a damaged product. It is just because of attractively designed custom boxes that people love sharing their unboxing.


The packaging is discarded at the moment a customer purchases or receives a product. Most of them are not sustainable in the long term, but custom boxes can decrease a businesses’ overall environmental impact. The external look of your package is not the only element that can be customized. Businesses can also alter the manufacturing material according to their choice to ensuring that their package becomes most sustainable. These cheap custom boxes are less likely to be thrown away like stock packaging. The customers may like the design so much that they want to keep it with them. This saves them from ending up in landfills. Moreover, there are several upcycling projects you will found on the Internet. Repurpose your custom boxes to create some of these amazing crafts. When you get bored, just throw the packaging in the recycling bin to play your part to save the planet.


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