Why do you need a premium WordPress WooCommerce theme from 8themes

Why do you need a premium WordPress WooCommerce theme? Well, let’s just say that you don’t want to be using that free WordPress WooCommerce theme all your friends and family use (here is the mention of the most popular free theme). When they ask, “How come your site looks different?” You can say: “Oh, I’m using a premium WordPress WooCommerce theme” and not have to explain why you didn’t save some money by using their theme.

Well, it’s true that there are a lot of free themes out there, but sometimes you want something with more features. If you compare the premium themes out there to cars it would be easy to understand why one would spend $39 on an addon for their WordPress site.

For about $39, you can get a premium theme that is made for your specific niche and needs. It is customizable and easily upgradable. You will know that the developer stands by his work and updates it often (not like those free themes). When you buy a premium WordPress WooCommerce theme, you are supporting hard working developers who need to do this as a full time job.

These developers have dreams, just like us. They want their creations to be noticed and they want you to love them as much as they loved making them for you. Why not reward that love with a few dollars? This is not going to break the bank and it will provide real value in return with a product that will last you.

Think about it; would you rather use free themes and put forth the extra effort to customize them or buy your own premium WordPress WooCommerce theme?

Now, don’t get me wrong, there are some great free themes out there just like there are some not so good as premium wordpress woocommerce themes. A lot of people will argue that you can get more for free, but it’s like cars. Some people like to buy the brand new car off the lot and others like to save money by buying a used one (that is still in great shape). The point is: they are both options and you should choose what works best for you.

If you want the whole package right off the bat, go for a premium wordpress woocommerce theme. It has all you need to get up and running fast and it’s easily customizable with child themes. If you want to save some money and work on your own site, choose a free theme and do what you can to make it look good.

I hope this helps point out the difference between free and premium WordPress WooCommerce themes. They both have their place if you know how to use them.


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