Why Educational Videos Work

Why do people log onto YouTube? A fair number are bored and want to be entertained, of course. Others want to get more information about something. But a large number of viewers turn to YouTube to learn how to do something—that is, to be educated about the topic at hand. What does an educational video look like? Put simply, it’s a how-to video—a video that shows the viewer “how to” do something.

This typically takes the form of step by-step instructions: Step 1, do this, Step 2, do that, Step 3, do something else. It’s a very hands-on experience. Why does someone watch a how-to video on YouTube? To learn how to do that something, of course. Maybe a person is looking to put together some sort of craft or project and needs instruction.

Maybe a person has an item that needs repair or maintenance, and wants to learn how to do that. Maybe a person has just purchased a new product and has no idea how to put it together or get it to work. You see how it is—educational videos help people do the things they want or need to do. So your customers get real value out of learning how to get something done


What you get out of it is the authority that comes with presenting that information. When a person learns how to do something from watching your video, he now thinks of you as the authority on that topic. When it comes to purchasing the tools or supplies necessary to complete that project (or a related project), he thinks of you and buys what you’re selling.

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Or, if he’s watching your video to learn how to use your product, he feels that he made a good purchasing decision; it reinforces the decision he made, and helps him get more value or enjoyment out of your product.

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