Why India Is A Perfect Choice To Import Furniture

Furniture is one of the basic necessities for every design plan, be it for home use, restaurants, hotels, offices, etc. Albeit, furniture is necessary for providing comfort to users of the space where it is to be utilized. More so, the furniture chosen for each design plan can help accentuate the aesthetic appeal of a place and the ambiance while helping in mirroring the style and taste of the decorator. For this reason, a lot of people go out of their way to find the perfect furniture for their design layout purposes.

Consequently, the idea of importation becomes very appealing for achieving this aim. However, others may look into importation of furniture for business as product suppliers, whatever be the case for towing the route of importing furniture, you may wonder what options are best for you when choosing where to import from.

Best of Exports are inclined to helping you find the perfect import market and we have a few pointers for why you may want to import furniture from India. Below are some of these pointers thus:

  1. Cost

Cost is one major factor to think about when deciding on what furniture to buy talk more about importation. Here, one must pay attention to the cost of not only the furniture but the cost of delivery too. It is easy to say that most times people looking for foreign furniture more or less are interested in quality as it pertains to their taste and so it’s not out of place to expect exorbitant prices for the foreign furniture choice you make.

However, buying abroad can be cost-effective depending on the furniture market you decide to work with or other factors like the furniture supplier or the quality and amount of furniture you want. Generally, Indian furniture exporters will work with a reduced rate for wholesale purchases because they are producing at the commercial level. Also, shipping costs can be quite affordable based on your location and the furniture supplier’s capability to give you a fair deal.

  1. Durable and Long Lasting Products

Another important thing to factor in when buying furniture is durability. You want to be sure you’re getting your money’s worth especially since you’re not using your local furniture suppliers. Well, believe it or not, Indian furniture is one of the strongest products in the furniture market all over the world. Frankly, Indian furniture is one of the most desired pieces of furniture in the market because they’re known for manufacturing with their solid, sturdy local hardwood like teak or Sheesham also known for having very lovely grain.

Also, while other furniture markets may be using materials like medium density fiber, pine, or recycled wood which are all suitable for high-grade modern furniture manufacturing, the chances of these kinds of furniture materials lasting longer than hardwood is very slim. More so, the construction method differs too. While simple staples and brads are mostly used for constructing these products, Indian furniture is usually made with screws which provide more support strength and works in making the furniture resist wear and tear and last much more longer.

The secret here is to provide efficient and proper maintenance of the products from time to time to keep it spot on while it withstands wear and tear.

  1. High Variety of Designs Offered

The variety they say is the spice of life and India is the home of assortments. The furniture market in India is packed with all you can imagine you want out of furniture. Indian suppliers offer a good variety of ultra-modern, chic, futuristic, traditional furniture designs, etc.

More so, a thriving handcrafted sector gives you the option to work with Wooden furniture manufacturers in India to make specific custom-made designs that you want.


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