Why Information Technology Support Is Important

This 2021, the world will spend an estimated $4.07 trillion on information technology (IT). Of that amount, more than a quarter (over $1.11 trillion) will go toward IT services alone.

IT support, in turn, is one of the primary components of the IT service market.

So, what is information technology support, and what is its importance? Why do businesses even spend so much money on these services each year?

We’ll answer all those questions in this guide on the significance of IT support, so be sure to read on.

Immediate Resolution to IT Problems

A 2020 report revealed that almost one in four SMBs went offline in the past year. Over a third of these organizations lost customers as a result. Almost one in five also reported revenue losses due to the downtime they faced.

All those figures prove that IT problems, from hardware to software issues, are common. Some of these include the dreaded blue screen of death, login failures, and slow internet. Device power failures, non-working peripherals, and slow computers are also common.

Information technology support services exist to rectify all those problems. That’s why IT support also goes by the name technical support or help desk.

For starters, the meaning of IT support is technical help delivered by a computing expert. Therefore, IT support specialists provide aid and knowledge to address IT problems. If you have any computing device-related concerns, your go-to should be an IT support team.

Prevention of IT Breakdowns and Downtimes

In the world of IT, the term break ‘n fix or break/fix refers to IT services that deal only with fixing existing IT woes. Most end-users, such as individuals and businesses, rely on IT support to fix what they broke. The above-mentioned hardware and software problems are perfect examples of such issues.

However, the best IT experts no longer just specialize in the break/fix approach. Instead, they now also provide preventive IT maintenance services. In doing so, they help their clients keep breakdowns from happening in the first place.

For example, if you search online for “IT support near me,” you’re sure to see the term “managed services.” These comprise outsourced IT services delivered by managed service providers (MSPs).

Most MSPs, in turn, provide round-the-clocking IT network and infrastructure monitoring. This allows MSPs to detect anomalies or suspicious activities within an IT system. By catching these threats early, MSPs can act right away to keep them from worsening.

Another example of preventive IT service is regular scanning of IT devices. MSPs can do this using remote technology, so they won’t even need to be physically in your office. They can scan devices and networks from their location to ensure your IT system performs at its best.

Such preventive tactics are crucial since an hour of downtime equates to an hour of lost profits. In organizations with more than 1,000 employees, those losses can sum up to more than $100,000.

Even if your business isn’t that big, all that lost revenue can still hit you hard. So, do yourself a favor by hiring an MSP to nip potential downtimes in the bud.

Specialized Support for Complex Issues

There are over 20 types of IT workers, from programmers to technicians to scientists. Most MSPs have teams that consist of these different IT specialists. That’s why they can provide IT support for even the most complex IT-related concerns.

For instance, if you’re starting your IT system from scratch, you’d work with an IT technician. From there, an IT tech support expert will address problems with your existing system. If you have specific software needs, a software engineer can help you out.

Since most dedicated MSPs have those pros on board, they can be your one-stop shop for all your IT needs. You, in turn, would no longer have to wear multiple IT hats, which, by the way, can do more harm than good. For example, pressing one wrong key can be all it takes for you to lose crucial data.

Protection Against Costly Cybercrime

Experts project cybercrime damages to reach or even go beyond $6 trillion this 2021. By 2025, that could almost double, potentially costing the world $10.5 trillion. Worse, everyone, from individuals to SMBs and giant corporations, can be a victim.

In the US alone, 4 in 10 people reported being a victim of compromised personal information in 2019. Almost half of these folks also said they lost money because of the hacking. Many others revealed they lost time due to the data breach.

So, just imagine how much more you could lose if your business becomes a cybercrime victim. Worse, you could get in trouble with the law if your clients’ data get leaked, too. In this case, you could end up being liable for compromising their information.

Managed IT support services can help reduce your risks by implementing cybersecurity measures. These include the installation of antivirus and intrusion software. These programs block and detect malware of all types that could endanger your IT system.

MSPs also seek out suspicious activities or files that already exist in your IT system. These may have made their way into the system through other employees. For example, a worker may have downloaded a virus due to a phishing scam by accident.

In any case, you can rest easy knowing that your IT support team is always on standby for such events. They’re ready to destroy any cyber threat that may damage your system and steal your data.

Enhanced Data Safety

Aside from cybercrime, accidental deletions can result in massive data losses, too. Natural disasters like floods can also damage and wipe out your digital data. If you don’t have backups, you could lose all that information forever.

Comprehensive IT support services protect you from data loss with regular data backups. These involve creating duplicates of all your data and then storing them in a safe place. That may include the cloud or physical databases outside of your office.

Backups allow for faster data recovery since your IT support team knows where the copies are. The pros will then retrieve and reinstall the data in your computers as quickly as possible. This helps minimize downtime in case you experience a disaster.

Improvement in Productivity

Bugs and glitches are some of the top causes of improper software operation. They can force apps to lag, freeze, or worse, crash completely. All these can then lead to wasted time while also extending the time an employee needs to work.

Those issues are often native to software, which is why developers create fixes for them. These resolutions take the form of general and security updates and patches. Their purpose is to fix bugs and glitches on previous OS or app versions.

However, end-users must still agree to install these patches on their devices. Unfortunately, a lot of them don’t, citing reasons like frustration or compatibility issues.

Well, those missed updates can be deleterious, as they give rise to malware infections. An example is the WannaCry ransomware, which attacked hundreds of thousands of devices.

The good news is that you don’t have to worry about missing such crucial updates anymore. That’s because IT support teams deploy them as soon as they’re available. They then install all the latest updates on all devices to keep them safe and running smoothly.

As a result, your IT system will have fewer bugs and lags, so everyone at work can be more productive. This then leads to more work done, and a job well done at that.

Reduction in Work-Related Stress

More than four in five US employees deal with work-related stress. Moreover, at least a million workers get struck by stress each day they end up missing work. As a result, employers lose about $300 billion annually due to workplace stress.

Stress at work often results from other people, but defective IT systems can also be a culprit. Think about it: isn’t it frustrating, even maddening, if your computer doesn’t run right? It very much is, especially if you’re on a tight deadline, so you stress out and worry all the more.

Malfunctioning IT devices also create a negative domino effect on other employees. This is especially apparent in collaborative projects, which require inputs from multiple folks. If one of those people experience a PC breakdown, it delays things, and everyone else on the team suffers.

All that can then make stress levels run high at the office. That’s why it’s imperative to keep your IT system in tip-top condition at all times. A reliable IT support team will make sure of that.

Everyone Needs Reliable Information Technology Support

With 60% of the global population using the internet, there’s no doubt that IT now also makes the world go round. That’s why information technology support is no longer just a luxury; it’s a necessity. In fact, without reliable IT support and related services, you likely won’t even be able to read this guide.

So, if you need IT help for your business, make sure to hire only experienced IT specialists.

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