Why Is Ecommerce Packaging Important for Your Success?

The packaging industry might seem like a secondary solution for those in the e-commerce space. Shipping, packaging, and sales are all important, of course, but many businesses focus on customer acquisition, marketing, and other forward-facing considerations first.

A nod to the packaging products that you use to facilitate sales in the e-commerce space is crucial to creating lasting success, though. This should remain a high-priority action item for any business operating within the e-commerce space, and for good reason. Read on to learn how high-quality packaging products and services can transform your business for the better.

Packaging solution changes can reduce costs.

Cost reduction is one of the most important aspects of bringing on a new ecommerce packaging strategy. With a partner in the packaging space that you can rely on for custom packaging solutions, keeping your internal costs low—both on the purchase of package products and in preventing wasteful spending on shipping costs—is a simple change that will dramatically affect your bottom line. Ecommerce spending is on the rise across all consumer categories, and a larger reliance on retailers and digital sales channels means that you, as a seller, have to adapt alongside these consumer changes. One important and impactful step is the use of more efficient packaging solutions.

The truth is that many businesses don’t take the time to think through their suppliers for shipping materials. It’s easy to think that all box manufacturers and shipping label suppliers are the same, but this simply isn’t the case. With a trusted partner in your corner, cost reduction and continuous on-time deliveries can become a habit rather than a quarterly target that your sales and supply chain teams continue to chase after to no avail.

Cost reduction is one aspect of the packaging space, but there is more to it than just this singular component.

Loss prevention is another key aspect of a high-quality packaging partner.

In addition to lower upfront costs, a great supplier for your packaging needs can help you in the loss prevention department as well. Losses can happen at all junctures along the supply chain, but some of the most critical damage comes after you’ve sent out a package to a buyer. Mail services all over the world are notorious for mishandling fragile and sensitive pieces of cargo within their networks, and many customers receive damaged goods as a result. The USPS handles tens of millions of lost packages each year as well, and even auctions off goods in packages that are deemed undeliverable. Losing revenue to damage or lost items that don’t make it to the customer can be detrimental to your bottom line, and as a result, e-commerce packaging has become more sophisticated in its safety features and secured shipping information.

Consumers are looking for an experience from start to finish.

While the packaging materials that companies are relying on are essential for getting pristine boxes and envelopes to the consumer, the unboxing experience and whole purchasing feeling play a role as well. Consumers are now collectively spending billions on purchases made through digital channels, and this is only going to continue growing as buyers become more and more comfortable with digital purchasing pathways and the research process that goes into any major buying opportunity.

Retailers have to keep this in mind when approaching any new packaging solution. Branding, ease of access, and security features all play a role, but at the end of the day, clients want an experience when they receive and open their purchases from the Melbourne courier service that completes the circuit.

Consider a high-quality partner for your next packaging material revamp, and you won’t be sorry.


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