Why is Your Document Attestation Important before You Apply for a Visa?

It does not matter for what purpose you are going to visit a foreign country – in any case, your document attestation process is mandatory – and due to its high relevance, its demand has ascended tremendously and continues to grow exponentially. For instance, if you are intending to send your son/daughter to a school/college of any other country – or you yourself are migrating to a foreign land with your family, it is very crucial for you to make sure that all the concerned documents are authenticated and verified. So, if you are planning to visit/migrate to a foreign country – one of the purposes could be personal, educational, commercial, relocation, personal tour, etc. – whatever the purpose is, you have to be very certain about getting your documents attested.

One question that might arise in your mind is why is document attestation needed? Well, we are very aware that lakhs of people, every year, travel to different countries for various purposes – from finding employment to immigrating to a new land with their family. So, the visiting countries have set some rules and regulations that are needed to be followed by the visitors to prove their authenticity and genuineness. And just due to this reason, your document attestation is of utmost importance and is compulsory so that your documents’ successful verification is reflected strongly.

In What Case Can Your Visa Face Rejection?

Consider a stranger who is approaching your home and asking you to let them in your house – would you allow this without knowing the intentions and genuineness of the stranger? Obviously not! For the same reason, through the document attestation process, the foreign officials are convinced that nothing undesirable and illegal will be done by you in their country. So, to ensure the genuineness of the visitors, the foreign countries have mandated the process of document attestation and apostille.

Now, if there is any sort of duplicity, lack of proof, or sort of fake aspects related to your documents then there are high chances of your visa getting rejected. And if only once this happens, strict restrictions on your travel to this country will be imposed and it will be next to impossible for you to visit this country for at least some years. So, as document attestation is an extremely consuming process where the margin of error is really low – giving you no scope to make mistakes, it is really imperative to seek professional help and consult document attestation experts like ND Universal. Because to get your document attestation successfully done, clarity of the process holds a crucial place and only an expert can direct you in the right direction from where the desired results could be fetched.

Although document attestation is needed by a high volume of people, the probability for a common man to understand the actual process is very minimal – and this too creates a big scope for an attestation expert like https://attestationguide.com/ to pitch in and get the job done for you. For instance, if you are seeking a visa for Saudi Arabia, you must be well aware that you are needing your document to pass the Saudi Embassy Attestation. Here, you can simply contact the attestation service expert and they would professionally help you in clearing all the stages of your document attestation – from the local and state level authentication to the embassy level. Also, it does not matter from what city you belong to, be it Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, or any other one, you can get your attestation done easily from the acclaimed attestation experts. You can even reach your friends and relatives who might have gone through the document attestation process and learn from their experience, get reviews and recommendations for the best attestation service provider, and then make up your mind to go with which one.

Why is Advance Verification Needed?

The entire concept and idea of document attestation is to prove the authenticity and credibility of your certificates so that they can be used in a foreign country without facing any hindrances. Once you make up your mind to get the attestation of your documents, you must pre-emptively gather the original certificates and their Xerox copies. For your information, when the entire authentication process is finished successfully, you would get back the bundle of documents (the ones you submitted previously) and along with them, a valid certificate of authentication and verification would be given that would be attached with the bundle of your certificates.

A question that might hit your mind is – this process of attestation really looks a simple and straightforward one, then why cannot anyone with limited official authority can do it themselves? – this is an obvious question! But it is an official fact that the visa authorities will consider and accept certificates or documents that are fully authenticated and legalized by certified professionals. You must understand genuineness is very important when it comes to the process of your document attestation. So, the seal and signature on the documents have to be done by the certified professional and definitely not by anyone else.


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