Why Musicians Should Put Their Music on Spotify

In today’s world, there is no shortage of streaming platforms that artists can upload music to. There are well-known platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music and Youtube. Then there are the lesser-known platforms like Deezer, Tidal, and Napster. The amount of choices for an artist can be overwhelming. All of these platforms are viable options, but Spotify is the best option for new artists because of its popularity, payout per stream, and advanced analytics, among other features.

The most important thing for an artist when choosing which platform to upload their music to is how much exposure they will receive. This eliminates a lot of the lesser known options simply because there are not as many people using those platforms, hence less exposure for the artist. Spotify is the most popular streaming platform in the world, so there is no shortage of people who can discover new music. Spotify is free for any artist to upload music, which creates a lot of competition, but still allows music to reach the highest percentage of the population relative to other streaming services. Spotify also has one of the most user friendly interfaces and is compatible with nearly all devices. Popularity of streaming platforms should be a major consideration for any artist deciding between platforms, and Spotify checks this box with ease.

Another important factor for artists to consider when deciding on a streaming platform is the payout per stream. It is obviously important to artists that they are compensated for their work. Spotify’s payout per stream is $0.00437, which is slightly less than other major platforms. Though this payout per stream could be higher like on other streaming services, Spotify offers benefits that other major streaming platforms cannot. If you want to increase your Spotify streams, you can also invest into premium Spotify plays.

Spotify offers a few unique features that other streaming services simply cannot. For example, Spotify is known for its advanced analytics. Artists on Spotify have access to information such as listeners’ likes and locations, as well as recommended events for listeners. Spotify works with companies such as Ticketmaster and Eventbrite to advertise for upcoming event dates. Spotify also offers new weekly playlists giving artists a regular chance to be discovered. Artists can also link their social media to their Spotify profile to sell merchandise and market other events. 

In order to maximize an artist’s chances of getting discovered, they should probably upload their music onto a few different platforms. For example, Youtube costs nothing to upload videos to, and social media does not charge to upload content. However, for a paid streaming platform, Spotify is the best bet because of its’ popularity, payout per stream, and advanced analytics. Although Spotify is the best option as far as a paid streaming platform goes for artists, it is critical to consistently and persistently market. Using social media and other channels to promote music is critical to being successful long-term. This means that artists should consistently release new music as well as market their new music to build anticipation. Like many other streaming platforms, Spotify has advanced algorithms that drive traffic to artists who rate favorably. It is not enough for an artist to simply be talented and upload music to a streaming platform sporadically. It is recommended that artists experiment with features on Spotify to see what works best for them. Consistently uploading and marketing content is the best way for artists to earn and grow their Spotify pages long-term. Though there are plenty of options out there for artists to upload their music onto, Spotify is a great bet to be the streaming platform of choice for artists looking to be discovered.

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