Why outdoor corn light bulbs are the best for outdoor lighting

Whether you need to light up the premises of an industrial building or you are looking for bright light for your garden, you will be faced with many options. Outdoor lighting is quite challenging to choose from, mainly because of the variety available in the market.

Many companies might claim to offer the best outdoor lighting, but very few can deliver the complete package. That is why it is essential to look at your requirements before making a choice. 

When choosing outdoor lighting, there are a few things that you should consider.. Some aspects might be needed in virtually any lighting setting, while others may be based on personal preference.

However, if you install lighting for your building, then make sure that all your requirements are fulfilled before installing it. After all, it’s not every day that you change the lighting of your building! 

Here are some of the factors that you should look at when choosing the perfect outdoor lighting: 


One of the main things you should look at when choosing a light for your building is brightness. Outdoor lighting often needs to be much brighter than indoor lighting. Many bulbs provided bright door lighting.

These include tube lights and indecent lighting. Outdoor corn light bulbs are also perfect for outdoor lighting. They provide the best brightness that will turn night into day.

Most light bulbs are sold in terms of brightness output. You should install lighting with the highest number of lumens emitted as they are often the brightest. 

However, brightness is everything that matters when it comes to outdoor lighting. Some lights are bright, but they are focused on a smaller area. These are often best suited for warehouses, offices, and other indoor settings.

Other lights emit less light but have a wider spread. This means that they cover more area per light bulb. The ideal light bulb should have a reasonable brightness without compromising on the spread. In this area, an outdoor corn light bulb is a perfect choice.

Not only does it emit quite a bright light, but it also provides a reasonable spread as well, which is essential for outdoor lighting. 

Energy consumption 

Another vital aspect to consider when deciding on the type of lighting that you need is energy consumption. Outdoor lights may be switched on for more extended periods. In many cases, you may have to keep the lights on the whole night.

This is why it is essential to check the energy-saving status of the light bulb before buying it. Many lighting systems have a reasonable performance rate, but their energy consumption is relatively high. The last thing you want from your lighting system is a spike in your energy bill!

When looking for energy-saving light bulbs, you may come across incandescent light bulbs, halogen bulbs, and LED light bulbs. The best option in terms of energy-saving capacity is LED light bulbs.

Not only are they designed to maximize output, but they also use much less electricity than any other lighting system. If you are looking for an energy-saving light bulb that will not compromise the lighting quality, then outdoor corn light bulbs are a perfect choice. 

They provide excellent lighting and will not burn out even after several years of use. 

Replacement cost

When choosing a lighting system for outdoors, you should also keep the replacement cost of the lighting system in mind. It is often linked with the lifetime guarantee that the light comes with. 

Some lighting systems may only burn for a few hundred hours before they burn out. Others can burn for thousands of hours without getting dim. While this might seem like a secondary aspect to consider when buying a light bulb, it is pretty important.

Some manufacturers advertise the low cost of their light bulbs. However, due to the short lifetime, these bulbs will often need replacement more often. They are therefore more expensive in the long run. 

When it comes to the duration that a light bulb is expected to last, then LED light bulbs are the best choice. Not only are they more durable, but they also have a more extended burning capacity than other light bulbs. 

An average LED light bulb may last for more than three years without getting dimmer. If you choose to install outdoor corn light bulbs, you will save in the long run. These need to be replaced less often and will not lose their brightness before the guaranteed time is over. 


The sturdiness of a light bulb is the last thing most people think when they buy light bulbs. However, it is one of the most critical factors, especially with outdoor lighting. Outdoor light bulbs often have to face rough weather conditions such as heat, rain, snow, etc.

The structure has to be strong enough to bear these weather conditions and protect the bulb inside. While some outdoor light bulbs come with a protective covering, outdoor corn light bulbs are the sturdiest light bulbs available.

The corn shape is designed to protect the light bulb inside. It allows rainwater to flow down, thereby saving the light bulb from damage. For this reason, many outdoor light bulbs are in this shape. 

Final takeaways!

All these factors play an essential role in helping you decide which lighting system to go with. It is advisable to look at all these factors before comparing the pricing, so you do not have to compromise on quality. 

The cheaper light bulb might be the better option in the short term, but it will be more expensive in the long run. Always check that the brightness of the light bulb is at an optimal level. You should also check the sturdiness and lifetime guarantee before making a decision.

When considering all these factors, outdoor corn light bulbs are often the best choice. Not only do they have the perfect lighting, but they are also reasonably priced and will last longer than other types of light bulbs. 


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