Why Renting a Microsoft Surface Pro Is Better Than Buying?

Should you buy or lease new computers, laptops, networking equipment, or other technology items the next time your company needs them? Continue reading, if you’re not sure. We’ll give you a detailed and honest opinion about Microsoft Surface Pro and look at both the advantages and disadvantages of renting and purchasing Microsoft Surface Pro.

About Microsoft Surface Pro

The Microsoft Surface Laptop is a laptop computer that is part of Microsoft’s Surface range of personal computing devices. On May 2, 2017, Microsoft revealed the laptop, along with Windows 10 S and an improved version of the Surface Arc Mouse with a huge capacitive surface, during the #MicrosoftEDU event.

The Surface Pro is a Microsoft Surface series 2-in-1 detachable that was created and manufactured in the first generation. The device was running a 64-bit version of Windows 8 Pro, with the option to upgrade to Windows 8.1 Pro and, eventually, Windows 10. Surface for Windows 8 Pro was first revealed on June 18, 2012, at a Los Angeles event. The gadget was eventually dubbed Surface Pro and released on February 9, 2013.

The most noticeable difference between Surface Laptop and Surface Pro is in their configurations. The Surface Laptop is a standard laptop with a display attached to a keyboard base. On the other hand, the Surface Pro is a laptop with a detachable keyboard that functions more like a tablet than a laptop.

To use the Surface Pro as a regular laptop, you must purchase the Type Cover keyboard, which is offered separately. As a result, there will be an additional expense to consider.

The Surface Pro has been and continues to be one of the greatest detachable laptops available. However, keep in mind that add-ons like the Type Cover keyboard and the Surface Pen are purchased separately. So, even though the Surface Laptop and Surface Pro are priced equally, the Surface Pro will very certainly cost you more.

Renting vs Buying Surface Pro Tablets

Companies that give laptops to their diverse clientele must decide if it is more cost-effective to rent Surface tablet. It’s a million-dollar question for any business. So let us help you resolve this confusion:

Buying vs Renting MS Surface tablets

Travelling office personnel must stay up with technological advancements. Using obsolete software and depending on workarounds costs businesses time and money, negating the goal of labor mobilization.

Leasing may be a cost-effective approach to ensure that everyone gets the most up-to-date technology without purchasing brand new equipment. However, leasing agreements frequently have conditions that you should be aware of.

Here is a comprehensive comparison between buying or renting your Microsoft Surface Pro or any other IT related tools you need for the smooth ruing of your business.

Buying MS Surface Pro Renting MS Surface Pro
Hardware, upgrades, and peripherals are all available in an infinite number of configurations.


There is no need to be concerned about obsolescence.


Maintenance and repair options are more flexible.


Maintenance and technical assistance are provided.


If you update every few years, it might end up costing you more in the long term. Choose from a limited number of computers.
Heavy on budget Cost-effective (for short time)

Renting: Benefits and Shortcoming


  • Renting keeps your equipment updated.Computers and other technological devices ultimately become obsolete. The financial burden of obsolescence is transferred to the equipment leasing firm when you rent or lease.
  • Your monthly spending will be predictable. With rent, you will budget more effectively since you have a pre-determined monthly line item. This was the second-highest advantage of renting.
  • You don’t have to pay anything up ahead. Many small companies suffer from cash flow and need to maintain their bank accounts as full as possible. Because leases seldom require a down payment, you may get new and latest Surface Pros without depleting your cash reserves.
  • You’re able to stay up with your rivals more readily. Leasing from a tablet rental companycan let your small business get advanced technology. As a consequence, you’ll be able to stay up with your larger competition without having to spend as much money.
  • When you rent a device, you avoid financial loss if it crashes. Furthermore, you are not required to purchase pricey add-ons like the Type Cover keyboard and the Surface Pen.
  • Before making a purchase, try out a few different laptops. Whenever you wish, you can get a speedy replacement.


  • You’ll end up paying more in the foreseeable future. In the end, renting is nearly always more expensive than buying. You keep paying and in the end, you don’t even own the gadget.
  • Even if you quit using the device, you must continue to pay. You may be required to make payments for the whole contracted time, depending on the lease conditions, even if you no longer use the equipment, which may occur if your business changes.
  • Dealing with the extra paperwork takes time, so you must factor it into your budget.
  • You’re also confined to the rentingcompany for technical assistance, so if something goes wrong while travelling with your rented surface tablet, you may have few choices for receiving repairs or replacements promptly.

Buying: Benefits and Shortcomings


  • It’s less complicated than leasing. Purchasing equipment is simple. You also avoid dealing with a leasing firm, which frees up time for other activities. You determine what you require and then go out and purchase it.
  • Taking out a lease, on the other hand, necessitates at least some documentation, as leasing businesses frequently need extensive, up-to-date financial information. They could also inquire about how and where the rented equipment will be used. Furthermore, negotiating lease conditions might be difficult.
  • You might find yourself paying more than you should or obtaining unfavorable conditions if you don’t negotiate appropriately.
  • In terms of upkeep, you have the last say. Equipment rented sometimes require you to maintain the equipment following the leasing company’s criteria, which can be costly. When you acquire a piece of equipment altogether, you may set your maintenance plan.
  • When you buy a computer, you have the flexibility to update, maintain, and repair it as you see fit.


  • The initial investment for Surface Pro may be prohibitively expensive. To obtain the equipment it requires, your company may have to use credit cards or pay a large sum. Those lines of credit and finances might be utilized for marketing, advertising, or other services that will assist your company to expand.
  • You’ll eventually be left with an obsolete version of the Surface laptop. As we have stated, computer technology soon becomes obsolete. Every 18 months, a developing small firm may need to update its technology in some areas. As a result, you’ll ultimately be left with obsolete equipment that you’ll have to donate, sell, or discard.

Why Should You Rent Rather Than Buy Your Devices?

We typically purchase our devices—phones, laptops, desktop computers, tablets, cameras, and so on. However, renting them by the month would be preferable in many respects. With no contract or lock-in, you will be free to quit paying the rent and return the gadget whenever you wish. Rents fall over time to reflect the decreasing value of gadgets.

If you want your employees to constantly have the most up-to-date technology, leasing has certain advantages. You could be better off leasing unless you intend on buying new laptops for your staff every two years.


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