Why Road Trips Are Trending

The number of tourists has indeed been on the rise, but the majority of global travelers, 81% to be precise, feel that travel would have an adverse effect on their mental and physical health, especially while there is uncertainty about where you can go, whether you need to take additional precautions and if there needs to be any isolation upon arrival or return to home after the trip.

With international travel presenting as a little bit more stressful and complicated for many, the road trip has begun to trend and more people than ever before are opting for a ‘local’ road trip.

The advantages of a local/national road trip:

  • You can start anywhere you want. Once you’ve got the right vehicle and have chosen where you and your family or friends would like to visit, you can literally book a few activities, catch a flight to the destination and have your RV or camper van waiting at the airport for you. There are great examples like Shiply for heavy equipment transport, which can take your RV or motor home to your starting place for the next trip. So, the drive from your home is minimized and many people now simply spend the holiday at the actual destination.
  • Cost effective. Whether you use a self-contained RV or a normal car and stay in cheap accommodation, the road trip is a more cost-effective holiday option that international resort travel. The US has a vast range of activities and attractions that you can visit and avoid any stress related to international travel. Food can generally be taken from home and the RV, camper or camping stove used to keep the family fed and reduce the food budget. The right heavy equipment transport will also reduce the amount of time you need to spend on the road and thus reduce overall costs.
  • Support local. There are attractions galore from the Grand Canyon to the Glacier National Park and all the great cities in between. The country is blessed with some of the best natural and manmade attractions in the world and the local tourism industry needs all the support that we can provide to keep these attractions and the small businesses that proliferate around them going.
  • The trip home is short and sweet. Even if you don’t use the heavy equipment transport to get to your destination, the drive home from a road trip is always a downer. It’s just not as exciting as getting there and presents many a family with a bad end to a good trip. Everyone just wants to get home, and thus taking a flight or train, will allow you and the family to relax and shorten your return time. Do your research well and ensure that the RV or camper and car is insured and will be looked after on its return to base.

The road trip has changed and while many are keeping the essentials in place and using their own self-contained vehicles to see the country, they are also finding ways to minimize travel time and cut back on the expenses of a long touring road trip.


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