The modern word culture has affected human beings significantly. The tough competition and urge to be the best has led the man to work consistently without thinking much about the effect it leaves. The world is rapidly changing and with that, the needs and the ways of the professional world are also changing. Everyone is running on tight deadlines and everything is just one click away. The professional world has become rigid and it doesn’t allow anyone to spare themselves some time away from their workspace.

If you want to achieve what you want, you need to give your 100% to it. But it comes with a price of physical and mental health.

Looking at the conditions, many innovations have been done to create a comfortable work environment for the people who work for long hours and some of them has significantly improved the work areas. One of such innovations is Standing Desk Frames.


Standing desk frames are the desks that allow you to work while you are standing. The work demand that made you sit for a long time affects the body adversely. It disturbs the posture and can trigger many issues related to the back, neck, shoulder, and pelvic area. The condition is so damaging that some people also develop chronic issues. Looking at these conditions the concept of standing desk frames was developed. These desks can be used as a normal desk and when you need them you can convert them into a standing desk and change your posture. Standing desks comes in different sizes to suit your needs.


Every great innovation has a reason to become popular. Standing desks also have many reasons for their popularity. It has changed the way of working for many people. Many people have acknowledged significant changes with the use of these standing desks. Some of the most popular effects of these desks are-

  1. It Improves Your Posture – The long sittings on regular days can affect your posture eventually. People often tend to sit with the banded back on the chairs and that becomes their habit. The wrong posture can affect your pelvic and lumber and makes you look sluggish. It can further affect the body and triggers aches on different parts. Using a standing desk in between your work hours makes you change your posture. By adjusting the sending desk perfectly to your height you can trick yourself to stand straight and improve your posture.
  2. It prevents Back pain – No matter how comfortable your chair back support is and how much you enjoy sitting on the chair for the first few hours, long working hours can make your back sore and uncomfortable. Standing in between your sitting sessions allows your back to change the position. It allows your body to move a little, which can prevent back pains.
  3. Prevents Obesity – Choosing to stay instead of sitting burns more calories. While the difference is not much, every calorie burnt counts to your fitness. Sitting on a chair for an hour can burn 80 calories that can also be burnt while watching TV or sleeping but while standing you can burn 88 calories an hour.
  4. Heart Health – Sitting for a longer period of time can affect the heart. A study has found that the people who sit for prolonged periods have a 147 % higher risk of heart disease than people who stand for the same time.
  5. Break the monotonous feeling – Prolonged sitting on a computer desk makes you feel monotonous, which leads to poor performance. Standing for some time in between sittings can break that monotonous feeling and you can eventually perform better. It also keeps you in a better mood and and reveals the mental stress at up to some extent.


Now that you know how standing desks are beneficial, you might want to buy them. You can find standing desks at any furniture shop near you. Many online stores also have standing desk frames. Standing desks are not cheap and can dig a hole into your pocket. In case you aren’t finding a standing chair in your budget you can make a DIY standing desk for yourself. It is not difficult and can fit into your pocket. You just need a little knowledge of furniture assembling or someone to help you for that.


Standing desks can be very helpful to you if you choose to use them wisely. Prolonged standing can also be as dangerous as prolonged sitting and you need to balance the things. A standing chair provides the flexibility to choose between sitting or standing whenever you want. While standing, keep the height of the desk according to your own height. If the table will be higher than your need, it will lead you to stretch yourself and if the table will be lower than your need, it will lead you to bend. In both cases, your back will get affected. So, use the Standing desk wisely and have a better working experience.


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