Why SSL? Reasons to Buy an SSL Certificate?

An SSL certificate or secure socket layer authenticates the website ensures a secure and encrypted link between the website browser and website server. This secure connection ensures all sensitive information traveling through is encrypted thus unreadable by any third party. A digital certificate will include the following things.

  1. Name of its holder.
  2. Serial number and the date of its expiry
  3. Digital signature of the CIA ( certificate Issuing Authority )
  4. A copy of the certificates holder’s public key

Reasons to Buy an SSL certificate

An SSL certificate has become necessary to establish a secure connection, among other numerous reasons.

  1. An SSL certificate is mandatory by Google. In 2018 Google made SSL mandatory for websites to ensure a trusted search engine and discourage websites that are not safe and secure in its search results. If a website does not abide by this rule, Google lowers its ranks which means it goes down in the search results and alerts the audience with a warning message if anyone clicks an HTTP website.
  2. SSL helps establish the trust of customers. As soon as the customer sees the HTTPS on a website, they are notified that it is a secured website with an encrypted link. If the website asks for sensitive information, they will easily provide it as there is little chance of getting hacked or sensitive information being leaked, thus building trust.
  3. Fulfilling the requirement of the payment card industry (PCI). SSL is extremely important if your website accepts online payments, as payments cannot be made if you do not fulfill PCI requirements. One of its requirements is that the website must have an SSL certificate.
  4. SSL certificate ensures all your data is protected. As it establishes an encrypted link between the website and the audience, information passing through will be secure so customers can share details like their credit card numbers and passwords without worrying.
  5. SSL provides a better ranking in the search engine. Not having an SSL certificate results in your website getting a lower rank in the search results, thus affecting your brand image and losing customers to competitors. An HTTPS website is ranked above in search results than an HTTP website.

How to Buy an SSL Certificate?

A cheap SSL certificate can be bought by a reliable website issuing it. To get an SSL certificate, you need to create a CSR, prepare your WHOIS document and the company’s validation document. Make sure your WHOIS record is updated before submitting the CSR along with the required documents to the Certificate Authority. Once your certificate is issued, install it.

An SSL certificate is highly important if you want to maintain your brand image and not lose your customers to competing websites due to getting a low rank in the search results. It will establish a relationship of trust among your customers as it will protect sensitive information, thus letting your business grow.

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