Why St Albans is one of the best places to live in 2022

Having a better quality of life is every individual’s goal be it their lifestyle, place of residence or health conditions. St Albans is ranked as one of the most desirable places to live has history and culture brimming all over. People’s lifestyle preferences have changed after the heavily struck pandemic in 2019 and 2020. They are looking for bigger homes to find more comfort and pleasure. Likewise, a desirable neighbourhood is also an influential factor for a person to migrate. People are approaching estate agents St Albans to find the best spacious houses to rent or invest in. Over the last two years, the average selling price of a property at St Alban’s has been £1,909,000. This number increases when a luxury property enters the sales listings. Most of Hertfordshire’s expensive properties can be seen in the streets of St Albans.


St Albans is situated in the central parts of Hertfordshire, which is located north of Greater London. The neighbourhoods are lined with medieval homes that would make people think St Albans to be a small town. Most parts of St Albans are covered with a canopy of trees, adding more charm to the already beautiful neighbourhood. Influential towns like Cambridgeshire, Essex, Buckinghamshire etc., are within close proximity. St Albans is the median between the bustling city and the countryside. 


Having been listed as one of the most expensive places to live in, St Albans is the one-stop destination for people to upgrade their lifestyle. People’s housing preferences have changed in recent times, and they prefer to upsize their current homes. Most people are seen moving to St Alban’s to enjoy the comfortable living conditions and the private households the city offers. Detached homes, apartments, and a penthouse are the popular housing options available in St Albans. 


Rather than living in a bustling city filled with traffic and pollution, people these days would love to stay away from all that commotion and move to a better neighbourhood. Among the many residential regions in greater Britain, St Albans is conveniently close to London city, which makes it easy for the working-class people to travel. This is a family-friendly neighbourhood, and those looking to start a new family and raise children preferably move to St Alban’s. 


St Albans is one of the oldest settlements in Hertfordshire, and it developed quickly and comprises shopping centres, restaurants, pubs and cafes. With mixed cultures and history prevailing in this region for decades, ancient cathedrals and shrines can be seen around the city. Entertainment centres like independent arthouse cinemas, museums, and Roman theatres are the best spots for a weekend getaway. Not to forget the seasonal street festivals that light up the community with sumptuous food and events.


Once a family or individual moves into St Albans, they would get used to the luxurious lifestyle and never move out of the city for a long while. People settling here would one day end up purchasing a property of their choice. With the booming economy and real estate in St Albans, buying residential property will be a great mode of investment. Those who wish to enter their St Albans house for sale in future can earn an exceptional percentage of profits compared to other regions.


Travelling from one place to another is the biggest concern for most residents in the UK. Countryside like Hatfield, Redbourn and Harpenden is a walk away from St Albans, which is a significant advantage for daily commuters. Using the rail lines, one can easily reach King’s Cross, London in no time. For travelling within the city, the local bus is the time-saving option. This community is filled with several quality schools and can easily be reached by walk.


Any neighbourhood must be bound by necessary amenities for the residents to have a smooth stay throughout. The essential amenities are health centres, primary schools, grocery shops, entertainment zones, and more. St Albans is blessed with everything from Cathedrals, to Arts theatre, to plenty of schools in the vicinity. The famous Verulamium Park, which spans about 100 acres of trees and open spaces, is the one spot where people at St Albans visit to escape the chaos of routine life. 


Not many boroughs and towns in the UK are welcoming and hospitable to the new inhabitants entering in. The people at St Alban’s are friendly, which transforms the entire city into a lively place. With a thriving community spirit with several events that support and assist the newly entered residents of St Albans. Unlike the medieval appearance of the neighbourhood, the nightlife at St Alban’s is something to look out for with electrifying pubs and gin bars.


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