Why to Drink Organic Coffee 7 Reasons Inside!

Coffee! Ah! Even this word can make us feel all giddy. Right? The love for coffee that people have is evident. It is clear from the fact that coffee is the second most sold beverage after water. Every person who loves coffee has a reason. Some love the taste and cannot even think about trying anything else. Others drink it because it helps them concentrate & feel energetic. Honestly, the list has endless reasons, but one common reason is that it makes everyone happy.

Still, most coffee lovers continue to drink non-organic coffee. And the reason people give are these:

  • Organic coffee doesn’t taste great
  • Organic coffee is expensive
  • It is just the packaging. They are selling the same thing as other brands.

All of these reasons are false! Organic coffee or food, for that matter, is not just the packaging. The farmers or companies that grow them are working hard to provide us with the best. To give us food that is chemical-free, and natural. They are better for our health and the environment.

Keep reading to find out what other benefits you get by switching to organic coffee.

Reason 1: Organic coffee is free of pesticides

You don’t want to think about this, nonetheless, it is true. Non-organic coffee is swimming in pesticides which is poison for humans. Coffee has a high demand, and to meet this demand, farmers use chemicals to treat the plant. Not only due to this, you have chemicals in your coffee, but it also leaks in the waterways. That means other plants will use the same pesticides-loaded water to grow. All this means we are eating more chemicals than we should.

Organic coffee doesn’t use any chemicals or insecticides, or pesticides. They use chicken manure, or compost, or coffee pulp to grow their coffee.

Reason 2: Organic coffee has more nutrients

When you drink organic coffee, your body gets the much-needed nutrients that caffeine has. From minerals to anti-oxidants to vitamins, it has a goodness that your body will love. Non-organic coffee doesn’t have all this as chemicals take it away. Looking for organic coffee pods? Then shop for coffee pods online with a guarantee of buying organic coffee only.

When you buy authentic organic coffee, it boosts your body. It protects cells from damage and has a positive impact on your brain. Another benefit is that the nutrients you get in organic coffee are digestible by your body in a better way.

Reason 3: Organic coffee fights stress & anxiety

As we know from the above point, organic coffee is rich in antioxidants amongst other things. That means it is more equipped to fight off anxiety and keep chronic stress at bay. It elevates your level of happiness and can also have a calming effect on some people.

Reason 4: Organic coffee supports farmers economically

Organic coffee takes a lot of time, patience, and money to brew. The farmers who grow this don’t have the best economic support or condition. When you buy organic coffee, you motivate them to continue growing pure coffee. Also, you support them financially.

Reason 5: Organic coffee is best for heartburn

Coffee is acidic. The naturally occurring acids in it mix with caffeine to produce more acid, which keeps pests away. There are many more factors that affect the acidity level of coffee. However, organic coffee is less acidic. That means if you suffer from acid reflux or heartburn due to the consumption of coffee, this can help you.

Non-organic coffee gets treated with lots of pesticides. That makes it more acidic and not easy on your stomach or people with acid-reflux.

Reason 6: Organic coffee is forest’s friend

When you drink organic coffee, you are not responsible for the death of a forest and all the life it yields. Organic coffee is all about maintaining the wildlife. It is about thriving the animals and plants that grow in that wildlife. It doesn’t destroy any forest to plant the coffee tree and never leads to deforestation.

It is not too late to make the switch. Organic coffee is better for you and for the environment. Once you start drinking organic pods coffee, you will never go back to the regular one.


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