Why use clumping cat litters for your little furry friends?

Cats have been around humans for ages now, and we all love these adorable little kittens. Indoor cats are very fragile and usually, never go out to hunt. So, it is necessary to train them to pee or potty in a regular place to keep everyone healthy at home and keep the house clean. So, the cat litter came a long way after its incidental discovery.

First cat litter

Cat litter was not very popular earlier, but people still appreciated petting a cat. Cats were only from noble families then, and in 1940 a person accidentally invented the natural cat litter or the clay cat litter. Clay naturally changes color when it comes in contact with urine or stool. So, it was easy to detect when to change the trash for your cats. The upgrade never stopped, and nowadays, we are mainly using the clumping cat litter for the house cats.

What is a clumping cat litter?

The name explains the matter very Clearly. There are many varieties of cat litter available in the market. The clumping cat litters use synthetic material to make a small clump when it comes in contact with any liquid, specifically the urine or stool of your cat.

Let us know some benefits of using clumping cat litter.

Easy to clean

The first point in favor of clumping cat litter is that it is straightforward to clean. Usually, the entire material gets wet in other litter boxes, and you have to change it every time your cat pees. It can be hectic, and sometimes it is not possible if you are out at work. But, if your cat remains in an unhealthy environment, it can get sick quickly, and also it will make the house dirty.

Clumping cat litter makes a clump every time your cat wets a portion. So, you can easily scoop the part out and smoothen it back then everything is acceptable to use again.

Reduces cost

Clumping cat litters will reduce your costs for buying non-reusable junks every time. Now you can buy a litter box once and keep using it repeatedly as you only have to replace a tiny part. It is better to use clumping cat litter Instead of the non-clumping or natural cat litter.

Easy to prevent contamination

When you use the non-clumping litters, it will not let the other parts get wet or slippery. We all know that a liquid surface or environment is a bacterial growth medium, and you can now prevent the spread and contamination by clumping cat litter. According to many trusted studies, toxoplasma bacteria can not spread if you use a clumping cat litter. And toxoplasmosis is the most common cat-borne disease worldwide.

Less bad odor

When you use a non-clumping cat litter, the urine or any other liquid will directly go down in the debris and stay there to create a foul odor. Also, it will be a bacterial culture growth medium very soon. You can avoid this nasty situation by using clumping cat litter instead of other available options in the market nowadays.

Healthy option

If you love your little fur buddy, you would surely want the best option for your cat. When you use a clumping cat litter, it is easier to keep your cat dry and free from infectious agents. So, your cat probably lives a long and healthy life because of a small and positive change you can make with the litter box.

So, it is the best time to change your cat litter for good, and try the clumping cat litter.


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