Why You Need an Aftermarket Cold Air Intake for Your Vehicle

Are you planning to increase the power and permanence of your vehicle or just looking out for some ways to make your automobile run more effectively? Well, there are a lot of aftermath products that you can install in your vehicle to achieve the desired outcomes. One of the crucial modification worth knowing is the cold air intake.

Cold air intake is both unique and special aftermath for your automobile. According to Automohub.com, cold air intake is cheap and easy to install. In addition, it’s also worth your time and money because it plays a significant role in the correct operation of your vehicle.

Stay tuned as we explore other advantages of the cold air intake system that you ought to know. First, let’s get some little facts about the cold air intake system.

How the Cold Air Intakes Work

Typically a new vehicle comes with a factory-installed air intake, but the filtration system tends to get clogged after some time. Trying to operate your automobile with clogged air intake system is quite detrimental since such decrease its functionality and lead to other extensive problems.

Cold air intake is used when the factory-intake air intake system gets clogged. It works by breaking down the materials forming the clogs and allows the vehicle to breathe adequately and operate as intended.

The air filter is located outside the engine compartment when your vehicle has cold air intake systems. Therefore, cool and clean air can get into the engine to support the combustion process.

Cool air is rich in oxygen, which means that fuel combustion is complete. The cold air intake configuration also allows for free air circulation, and thus less heat accumulates in the engine compartment.

Five Advantages of Cold Air Intake Aftermarket for Your Vehicle

· More Horsepower

Indeed, horsepower boost is the number reason that makes most people install cold air intake. The system allows entry of cool oxygen-rich air into the engine compartment and thus fuel burn efficiently. Increased oxygen combustion rate increases the vehicle’s horsepower.

According to AutoExpro reviews, the cold air intake has the potential to add 5 to 12 horsepower to your automobile. However, the additional amount of horsepower you get with cold air intake system depends on the technique of configuration used.

· Increased Acceleration

Air intake efficiency is crucial because it helps you achieve the desired speed quickly. When the airflow to the engine compartment is adequate, your vehicle can respond correctly to acceleration. That guarantees safety as you cross the busy intersects and highways.

· Improved Mileage

A cold air intake system upgrades your vehicle engine. When the fuel-air ratio is correct, then it means that the automobile will use less fuel to cover a long distance. You will go for many trips, and the stopovers at the fuel stations become fewer.

· Longlasting and Efficient Filters

Stock intakes come with disposable paper filters that avert debris and need regular replacements. Unlike the paper filter, the cold air intake aftermath has a sturdier filter that lasts longer. They also don’t require replacements since you can take them off and do a thorough cleaning. The cold air intake filter goes for between 25,000 miles and 50,000 miles between cleanings.

· Nice and Aggressive sound

The advantage of fiery sound after the cold air intake aftermath is purely aesthetic. As the air rushes in, the engine’s sound becomes more vicious. That makes your vehicle sound young and robust.


There are no downsides to getting the cold air intake. Therefore, if you’re an automobile enthusiast, don’t hesitate to install the car air intake system.

It allows your engine to have uninterrupted airflow and that improve the vehicle’s performance, fuel efficiency, increase mileage and gives your car a better acceleration.


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