Why you should consider buying Moderninha pro for your business

The Moderninha Pro is the installment card machine for further developed PagSeguro. The model shows up with space for reels, permitting you to print the actual confirmation of deals. Also, the gadget has Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and a chip network and can be shared by up to six individuals, each accepting their cash from deals independently.

Notwithstanding being the maker’s most costly gadget, valued at R$779, PagSeguro doesn’t charge month-to-month expenses when the client purchases the item. Look at the Moderninha Pro determinations beneath – like rates and acknowledged brands, for instance – and see whether the machine is a decent alternative for you.

What is Moderninha Pro?

As of now referenced, Moderninha Pro is PagSeguro’s most exceptional model. The machine has a Wi-Fi network, Bluetooth and chip to utilize the information bundle. Along these lines, it isn’t important to have a phone or tablet around to make deals.

The hardware has a compartment for reels, which permits you to print installment receipts and send them by SMS. The Expert can likewise be associated with the maker’s application for Android or iPhone ( iOS ) to follow deals, register items and produce reports.

Who is it for?

Notwithstanding not having enrollment or rental expenses, the Moderninha Pro works like a customary progressed machine, similar to one of the card administrators, normally found in enormous foundations. With a more exorbitant cost, the hardware can be ideal for business people who have cash close by for the speculation since the gadget requires future costs with curls, for instance.

Moreover, the model can help more modest business people and fledglings who would prefer not to surrender printed vouchers. For this, PagSeguro offers the Expert the alternative to share the gadget by up to six individuals, each accepting their cash independently. It is ideal for sharing the worth of the gear without gauging the pockets of the individuals who are simply beginning.

Cards and banners

Very much like the Moderninha Wi-Fi/In addition, the Moderninha Pro acknowledges chip cards under the Procard, Visa, Elo, Secrecy, Hipercard and Hiper brands. What’s more, the gear permits you to make buys by attractive peruser with American Express and Cafe’s Club Worldwide.

For food deals, the hardware acknowledges Alelo, Sodexo, Ticket and VR cards. Notwithstanding, the activity of the brands relies upon an individual agreement with the organizations, which likewise have charges and installment terms separate from the PagSeguro sums.

Charges and portions

All PagSeguro machines have similar rates. Accordingly, Moderninha Pro, notwithstanding not charging participation or month-to-month expenses, since the machine isn’t leased, permits charge except for the initial three months, or up to R$1,500 in deals. After that, the sums charged by the organization enter the standard table.

In charge of deals, the business person can get the cash in one day at 2.39%. For credit, the expenses follow the receipt time frame picked by the gear proprietor.

Cost and guarantee

The Moderninha Pro is the most developed machine and, thus, the most costly from PagSeguro. The model costs BRL 779 and can be paid in up to 12 portions of BRL 65. In this case, notwithstanding the gear, the client gets reels to print vouchers, a work area charger, an attachment charger, manuals and banner stickers to signalize on the property. The guarantee guaranteed by the maker is five years.

How is the In addition to/Wi-Fi rendition unique?

The Pro gadget addresses a model over the Moderninha Also, which costs R$ 347. Both acknowledge similar cards and offer similar rates. The distinctions are in the vouchers and availability: In addition to sends receipts exclusively by SMS or email, notwithstanding not working with Bluetooth. Another significant differentiation is the battery: the Moderninha Expert has self-rule of six hours, while the mediocre model can work for as long as ten hours remotely.


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