Will the skyrocketing digital currency lead to a skyrocketing graphics card?

Digital currency is quite a miraculous product. In the digital currency market, which is open all year round, some people can make millions overnight, and some lose money to repay their debts by selling their houses. This article mainly tells you the reasons for the skyrocketing digital currency,and why the skyrocketing digital currency led to the skyrocketing GPU?

Reasons for the skyrocketing digital currency

  1. This year alone, Musk has updated articles about Bitcoin and Dogecoin and other related digital currencies on Twitter more than once. And the content of the article is very guiding. Every time Musk’s post can make these digital currencies soar overnight.
  2. The United States passed the US$1.9 trillion New Crown Assistance Act. According to population calculations, per capita US citizens of this much money can get about US$1,400 in funds. According to US reports, 37% of adults will refer to Musk’s recommendations. Specially to make investment plans, so a lot of money quickly flowed into the currency market, which quickly pushed up the market value of Bitcoin.
  3. Various institutions led by Grayscale, including Meitu, which was listed in Hong Kong some time ago, also bought $40 million in Bitcoin and Ethereum. Various large and powerful companies are investing in Bitcoin. There by forming a tower-gathering effect in public social opinion.
  4. There is another critical factor that causes the price of Bitcoin to be high and low, which is the attitude of governments of various countries. Usually, as long as the attitude of governments to fight against Bitcoin, the price of Bitcoin must plummet, and once some connivance or acquiescence causes a surge.

The skyrocketing digital currency leads to a skyrocketing GPU.

Some events in the currency circle, such as the launch of the renminbi digital currency, made everyone optimistic about the future of digital currency, for example, the upgrade of Ether, the upsurge of DEFI, made investors optimistic about Ethereum, locked a large amount of Ether and Bitcoin. As a result, the price of Ethereum has risen sharply, making Ethereum GPU mining mainstream. Among them, Innosilicon A10 PRO is a miner that uses the Ethash algorithm for ETH mining. Its official computing power is 500MH/s (±5%), and its hash rate is 860W (±10%). ); Bitcoin’s halving eventually made Bitcoin soar. Originally, Ether was going to fall, but it couldn’t fall further. Due to the high price of Ether, the price of GPU has continued to rise, and the recent snap-up of the 3060ti GPU, the most cost-effective GPU, has made all GPUs soar.

During the chia mining process, there will be a lot of disk read and write operations. For example, a 100GB PLOT file requires 2TB of reading and writing, consuming many SSD. Therefore, many miners also want to use mechanical hard disks for mining. The opportunity can significantly reduce the cost, which has also caused the increase in mechanical hard disks.

It can be seen that the changes in the price of digital currencies are affected by many factors. Therefore, investors need to analyze the skyrocketing of digital currencies and grasp their price trends to make better investments. As for the impact of digital currency on the price of graphics cards, this can be regarded as a rising tide in the industry!


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