Win More Bids with the Most Efficient Construction Proposals – 3 Simple Tips for Contractors

The construction sector requires a stage-by-stage performance of various tasks to achieve all the goals set at the very beginning of the project. Together with building processes including on-site operations, transportation of supplies, progress monitoring, and so on, the pre-construction phase is critically important. The contractors must provide accurate estimates to come up with win-win proposals and catch more bids.

Construction pricing software can simplify the estimating process significantly. All the costing data entries will be structured and analyzed by e-algorithms to form the general picture for the company and represent it as the best-matching candidate for this or that project. Remember that almost everything starts with the pre-construction stage where estimations, proposals, and winning bids matter.

But how to improve your pre-con performance? Let’s take a closer look at the top 3 tips for contractors who are interested in the most efficient construction proposals (together with increased client bases, and the ever-growing number of orders).

Top 3 Tips for Construction Contractors for Professional and Accurate Proposals

It is worth noting that forming the proposal is the true culmination of the contractor’s hard work. That is why they should be of the highest quality. The high-level proposal is always accurate and professional. It is absolutely result-driven with the reached goal – get more potential clients through win-win bids.

  • Among the simplest steps to undertake if you want perfect proposals are:
  • Do not neglect proofreading and branding.
  • Review your proposal as many times as possible.
  • Submit it only with the most accurate data entries.

Your potential customers do not like errors and typos in the reports. That is why any imperfections in estimating, costing, and proposal data will disappoint your possible clients. Focus on customizations like branding (a logo, mottos, your presentation, and advertising). The happy blend of activities that improve your construction proposal is the best way to level up its quality through the comprehensive approach.

Tip 1: Proofreading & Branding

Customizations are about your uniqueness in the construction market. You can lead the niche with a loud and catchy brand that obtains a great logo together with a motto, video presentation, social media accounts, and advertising campaigns. But remember that your branding strategies are nothing if you have a poor local reputation or unsatisfied clients who spread the bad word about your company.

It is recommended to start with your standing customers who can become your ambassadors. Additionally, communicate with clients who were disappointed with anything concerning your work. Offer them discounts and free-of-charge options (consulting, finishing, designing, estimating, etc.). Then, go with branding. Create a marvelous logo – the banner image should complement your proposal and other materials like the motto and presentations.

Add a logo to the brief templates and other in-house documents or ones you share with partners, sponsors, and customers. Do not forget about proofreading. Check all the texts in the context of punctuation, typos, and other mistakes. Be responsible for printables and e-documentation.

Tip 2: Review, Review, and Review Your Ready-Done Proposal

Sometimes, it is reasonable to proofread the proposal several times yourself and show this material to someone else. Review the ready-done material together with other team members and check it many times. Remember that some imperfections can be detected even after 10 inspections. Do not worry – it’s ok to make mistakes. But your potential clients should not know that you are not perfect.

Tip 3: Check All the Data Entries Beforehand

It goes without saying that the proposal contains all the data entries gathered (estimating, costing, and other procedures). But it is reasonable to check the information one more time before submitting it. The risk of finding errors is quite minimal if you use construction software for quoting, and bidding. This way the contractor can generate a report automatically and be sure that all the financial forecasts and calculations are correct.


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