WoW Classic – How to Reach Silithus

Reaching Silithus can be tough, but luckily there’s a few methods of getting there.

In World of Warcraft Classic, Silithus represents a max level zone in the game. It is inhabited by the Silitihid, who are an ancient race of insectoid that are found near the Un’Goro Crater. It is an important place in the game, but there aren’t many ways for you to reach it. You may be looking to do this to either help out in the war against C’Thun, or to finish the quest chain that leads to getting Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker if you’re playing as certain classes.

So, before we get back to hunting WoW Classic gold and exploring for items to add to our WoW Classic bags, here’s a couple of ways for getting to Silithus.

Marshal’s Refuge

If you have come across the Marshal’s Refuge flight path, then firstly we need to go southwest. This goes towards Westerly, in case you were looking for a general direction. In Un’Goro, there is a river that is snake-like in shape which leads to a lake. Go to the head of the river where it looks like a snake’s head, then from what looks like the tip of the tongue head in the northwest direction.

If you’re looking at the Un’Goro Crater, you should be heading in the top left corner. You will notice that you are at the entrance of Silithus when pillars start to appear.

Via Tanaris

If you don’t have the Marshal’s Refuge path, then you can still get there with the flight path for Gadgetzan. From here, you need to head the southwest. You should be aware of the Abyssal Sands on your left, and you’ll probably be passing large bugs on your journey as well. These are the Silithid that we mentioned earlier. We are on the way to their home, though it’s best not to mention that to them right now. Anyway, from here go to the south until you see some peculiar looking pillars. If you take a look at your map here, you will notice that there are small dots that show you the way to Un’Goro, which is where we are heading.

Keep following the path then go towards the nearby river. Direction wise, you should be going to the northwest, but beware of the Devilsaur that is roaming in this area. Follow the river until you get to the end, then simply go northwest from the direction that we mentioned in the last method. You will be looking for those pillars as states, and once you find them you will be at the entrance of Silithus finally.

The Swimming Option

There is actually a third way in which you can reach your destination. That said, it isn’t exactly the most recommended. If you have a lower-level character, then this might actually work for you however. To start with, store your gear because you need to expect to die at some point. The last thing that you’ll want is to have to suffer the cost of repairs.

From Feralas, go to the Fogotten Coast over to the west. Horde players will probably begin in Camp Mojache, so go west until you reach the water. Alliance players meanwhile can use the Feathermoon Ferry East from the Feathermoon Stronghold. Whichever faction you are with, your goal is to reach the coast for the next stage.

After you get to the cost, go south as far as you can, then start to swim towards Silithus. You are going to need to make sure that you get to Silithus this way, though you might come across Tauren Village as well. Once you have checked it out, you’ll need to head back into the water and drown, as crazy as that sound. By doing so, you will be releasing your spirit over to the Spirit Healer. This sees you at the AT Cenarion Hold and ultimately on the way to Silithus.

So now you have finally reached Silithus. You might be here to explore, or you are trying to get a coveted weapon. Regardless of the reasons, you have made it to your destination. Once you’ve reached here, go down the road towards the settlement of the Cenarion Hold. This will give you the chance to get the relevant flight path. Since this is the only one in the entire zone, it’s important that you get it. So now that you have gotten to Silithus, you are ready to explore what it has to offer you.

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