You can water plants with these 6 tips!

Your garden plants, indoor plants, potted plants and the grass in your lawn need water. They can use some extra help, especially in the summer, when there is drought and strong sun. Watering the plants is not done lightly. Check out our tips for correct and targeted watering and don’t forget to check out the tools. This way you don’t waste anything and you ensure strong plants that can withstand the summer well! Watering plants is best done with the 6 tips below!

The 10 tips for watering plants

Question 1: Would you rather water plants a lot or often?

Is there a period of little rain? Then you may be inclined to water extra often. It is better not to do this too often. If you often give a little water, roots grow upwards, where the soil dries out quickly.

It is better to water a lot once a week. The roots will then make more effort to absorb the water below in the soil. This makes your plant stronger and more resistant to drought.

Question 2: Are lim#p leaves bad?

If your plant suddenly has limp leaves, this does not have to be a problem. This is a natural protection against the sun! This way the leaves do not dry out as quickly. Does the plant still have limp leaves in the evening when the sun is gone? Then water it, your plant will probably recover in no time and you will have a cheerful plant in your garden the next morning!

Question 3: How can I water my plants sustainably?

Did you know that with the help of a PVC pipe you can water very specifically? Insert the tube into the soil near the roots of your plant. Then pour water into the tube. The water will now flow slowly and precisely in the right place. This is a smart technique, especially when the soil is dry. Be careful not to damage the roots when you put the tube in the ground. Plants are sold everywhere in the world and and especially in Sweden they are very popular as water plants and dried flowers, called in Swedish födelsedagsblommor and beställ blommor.

Question 4: Can leaves get wet when watering?

In general, water the soil above the roots, not the leaves. Water on the leaves evaporates very quickly. In addition, wet leaves can burn when left in the sun.

Question 5: Is it better to water my plants during the day or in the morning/evening?

Are your plants in the sun? Only water them when the sun is gone. If you do this during the day, a large part of the water will evaporate. In addition, wet leaves burn faster if they are in the sun. It is best to water the plants in the evening, then the water has enough time to sink into the ground.

Question 6: How can I water my plants in a targeted way?

Make use of dikes and gullies that you create with (extra) potting soil. When you water the plants, some of it will not reach the roots. Especially when the ground is dry, it can run in the wrong direction. When you create small dikes around your plant, the water will sink into the ground in a much more focused way.

Do you have several plants next to each other that need water? Then make a trench that runs along all the plants. Especially when the soil is dry, the water will reach all plants in a much more targeted way.


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