Yu Shan Routes

Yu Shan, the tallest mountain in Taiwan, can be hiked. The round trip to the summit of Yu Shan takes between four and six hours. A few routes are available for hikers to choose from, but there is a general consensus that the most popular route is via the East Summit Trail.

The East Summit Trail has an elevation gain of 3,100 feet over 6 miles, with about 3,000 feet of elevation change during the hike. The trail begins at an elevation of 4,150 feet and ends at 5,550 feet. The path is steep in some sections, but not technical or challenging for most hikers.

There are several campsites along this trail that can be used for camping during the hike up Yu Shan. These campsites have basic amenities like water and toilets, but do not have fire bans because they are located so close to the mountain’s summit!

Yu Shan mountain is the most popular hiking destination in Taiwan with each route having its own pros and cons. If you want to begin your mountaineering career then its Yu Shan is great choice.  It requires an immense amount of skill, preparation for Everest climb. Everest, Ama Dablam and Manaslu climbing cost is expensive due to permits, oxygen tanks, and guide

The first route is called “Sao Shui” (沙水泉). It is a relatively easy one, but it takes through many bamboo forests. This route is great for beginners and families with children since it has many places to stop along the way and take photos.

Another popular route is known as “Hua Shan” (华山). This route takes through a natural tunnel made of trees that leads to the summit of Yu Shan mountain. The hike is long; if started at 8 am and ends around 5 pm, so one needed to be loaded along with plenty of water and snacks.


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