Zixdo Promises to launch 200 more franchises before March 2022 – Atul Ranjan Co-founder of Zixdo


What can be more cheers than this? If you need the car cleaning services, don’t need to go further. The services are at the doorstep now. Atul Ranjan, Co-founder of Zixdo has made this possible for you. It has added a new era in the industry.

Running out of time? No worries. Once you’ve called us, we’ll be at your doorstep and you’ll get the best services without any hassle. It doesn’t matter whatever services you need. From car cleaning to exterior and interior dusting, washing, and other services related to it, ZIXDO provides it.

Do you want to start your own business?

If I’m not wrong, a question might pop-up in your mind that how can I start my own business with zixdo? Isn’t it? Well, you don’t need to be worry, zixdo is here to take the problem and make a great solution to you. Atul Ranjan, co-founder of zixdo offers a great franchise to you. If you want to run your own business at your own city, then it’ll be a great exciting value to you. So, why are you waiting for? Moreover, zixdo has created a great work opportunities for people to alleviate poverty. And you know, during this pandemic, it has added a great source of income for jobless people. Or who want to be an entrepreneur is also a lucrative offer for them.

What services zicdo offers?

Let’s have a look at the following chart:

Zixdo is a home-based service provider of car cleaning, car-washingand home cleaning services

We offer the best range of cleaning and washing the car from very basic to advance level. You will find the comprehensive packages with the detailed interior along with the upholstery cleaning services. Besides, we also provide polishing, coating, vacuuming, cleaning the dashboards, seats, mat washing, and other services related to this.

Provides service within 30 mins of time

Zixdo-a great solution at your doorstep for your car cleaning and washing. And no need to wait for a lot. You’ll find your services within 30 minutes. It provides all types of car washing and polishing, detailing with the certified professional team.

Franchise based model which doesn’t require an outlet to run

It’s a great opportunity to start your business now. You don’t need to run it having an extra outlet. It’s a franchise based business that offers a great value to you. You just need to take the franchise to collaborate with zixdo.

Opportunity to become the business person

Atul Ranjan Co-founder of Zixdo has opened these possibilities for you to be a successful businessman. Everyone has a long desire to be an entrepreneur since childhood. You have done a real struggle in your life. Walk with us.

Operate in more than 50+ location

We’ll create job opportunities for more than 500 people in tier-2 andtier-3 cities that is vital part for our country. Everyone loves it and in this pandemic era, it’ll add a great value to people who are jobless and looking for jobs.


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