10 Best social media apps you need to know


Social media is a famous invention that is a computer-based technology which facilitates the ideas, thoughts, through the virtual networks and communities. Social media is an interactive technology which helps the people to stay connected with others for several purposes.

For example, if any business firms indulge with social media to promote their features and functions they could easily reach their targeted audience and meet their expectations. It also plays an important role in developing the relationship with the key influencers and journalists to cover up the company’s requirements. It also provides a great opportunity to establish customer service by gathering the inputs from them through feedback.

There are several social media apps which help each and every one to stay connected with their nearest and dearest one in any situation. Through these apps they can express their opinions and thoughts and can disclose their desires. Social media is such a place where you are able to see the customers’ reactions then and there.

As a result you can receive their feedback whenever they and you feel like. Social media provides various options for any business firms to reach their targeted audiences easily. “Through a social media app namely Facebook, I had come across several clients who remain active most often in these apps and keep themselves updated” says Fardin who is motivating the trainers take my online class for me

10 Best Social Media Apps

1. Facebook is one of the most popular social media apps who is ruling the entire teenager and adult groups. This is now a most common platform where the users most often express their views, upload their desired contents and ask suggestions whenever they feel like. This provides a great opportunity for the business holders to directly contact their customers and stay connected with them. They can easily gather their feedback through this channel. Apart from the business perspectives, the users can also highlight their talents and skills and grab the attention of other peoples in this regard. Through this media they can promote their various tutorial channels and appeal to the users to subscribe to their channels.

2. Instagram is yet another social media app through which people can easily get connected with their friends, relatives and others. This also serves the same purpose as the app Facebook does. Instagram is a more refined version of facebook. It contains several new updates features, and allows the customers to act more promptly and quickly through this channel. It is a great platform for all the business dealers to track their targeted audience and safely reach them. Instagram allows you to apply multiple filters at a time in your photos and also provides a lot of other editing scopes. “Recently installed this app and found it brilliant not only in case of business but also for entertainment purpose” says Yari who is promoting the assignment help Sydney

3. Whatsapp is another popular social media app where we can stay connected with our friends and relatives in a more personal form. It maintains the privacy rate in a better form than Facebook and Instagram. Through whatsapp also a business dealers can deal and share their business agendas with their customers by sending them the products pictures or by group video conference. Whatsapp does not allow each and every stranger to interrupt your profile rather it repeatedly takes your consent while allowing such people. If you want to highlight your product collections you can easily upload those images in your whatsapp status and allow others to check them. In this way you can create your own business group.

4. Skype is another social media app which is owned by Microsoft and is mostly popular as a communication-based social networking platform. It allows you to stay connected with others through several video conferences, text messages. “Though now this is quite backdated and now we can do video conference through any social media apps, but still it had proved its capability in the previous era” says Namita who is an expert and provide write my coursework service.

5. Twitter is another social media app where you can post short messages which are usually known as tweets. It contains a limited number of characters to convey your message to the World.

6. Wechat is yet another chatting app which connects through texting messages as well as calling each other. As per the BI intelligence report the number of Wechat users is fast catching up with the number of Whatsapp users.

7. Snapchat is yet another social and multimedia app which allows the users to focus on the person-to person photo sharing feature. It makes the messages and pictures available for a longer time so that it becomes easily accessible for the recipients.

8. Google+ is yet another social network app that is operated by Google. It helps to link the other Google products such as youtube, google drives, bloggers and many more.

9. Youtube is a well-known and most popular social media app which is nowadays most commonly used by individuals. Through this app you are able to upload your talents and skills and gather feedback. Through several tutorial videos you can also learn many fruitful things from others and gain knowledge. YouTube is one of the best places to earn money according to your subscriber’s rate. The more you create unique and innovative videos, the more users will start liking your page and subscribe to them more often.

10. Pinterest is one of the popular social media apps which enables you to find new ideas about your projects and can save them safely. You can plan your travel agendas through this particular app.


From the above-mentioned points it can be inferred that social media in this pandemic has helped many small businesses to grow at a faster rate. It is an important platform which helps the human being to stay connected with others and share the inner views whenever they feel like. It is the best platform for the business firms to reach their targeted audience.


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