10 Ways to Use Your Android

Having enough storage and a high-definition camera is important when buying an Android. However, many people just scratch the surface and don’t use smartphones to their fullest. Over the years, the Android system has developed significantly, allowing its users to customise the experience and make the most out of the apps.

To ensure you’re not wasting your Android’s full potential, scroll down and check out our handy tips and tricks.

1. Delete the Apps You Don’t Use Regularly

Androids come with a set of preinstalled apps that are quite useful, like email, Google Maps, Chrome, etc. However, depending on your needs and preferences, other apps you don’t use on a daily basis might just cram up the storage. So, when you notice an app you haven’t opened in a while, just uninstall it.

Of course, some of them don’t have the uninstall option, meaning you can only choose to disable them and install the alternatives you prefer.

2. Set the Phone App in Windows

Like people who use iOS connect their mobile devices to their Mac desktop computers, Android users have that option as well. By installing the Your Phone desktop app available for Windows 10, you can link the two and use your desktop PC to call, send messages, or even bet on any minimum deposit casinos.

3. Install Various Apps Directly From the Browser

Unlike iOS, which only allows users to install apps from the App Store directly from their mobile devices, Android OS enables users to download apps from the desktop web browser and install them onto the phone. Thanks to this super-smart feature, you don’t have to hold the phone in your hands to install an app — you can do it remotely.

4. Browse Through Widgets and Customise Home Screen

iOS users just got access to various widgets they can add to their home screen. On the other hand, it seems like Android users have been able to do it forever. To customise the widgets, just long-press on the home screen and choose the ones you really need. This option also gives you access to various themes, wallpapers, and additional settings to personalise your Android.

5. Boost the Storage

Many Android models allow you to beef up the storage space by adding MicroSD cards. That way, you can store more media files but also transfer and install apps using external storage. What’s more, some Android models allow you to connect the device to an external hard drive and go through the stored files.

6. An Antivirus Is a Must

One of the disadvantages of Android is its openness to various apps. Unlike with iOS, you can use Android devices to install apps from various sources. However, that also makes your device more prone to malware and cyber-attacks. Consequently, investing in high-quality antivirus will help you protect all the sensitive data you store on your phone.

7. Utilise Screen Pinning

If someone asks for your phone to do something but you want to stop them from poking their nose in your business, you can simply pin the screen. If this option isn’t active by default, you can change it in ‘Security’ settings. The feature allows you to pin one app to the screen and limit access to other apps.

8. Turn on “Find My Device”

If you constantly misplace your phone or it gets stolen, the Find My Device feature can come in handy. Some of the options you can use include wiping the data from the device, disabling it, or playing a sound. On the flip side, iOS has gone a step further and allows devices to show your mobile number or a custom message on the device’s screen — something we have yet to find in Android devices.

9. Use Battery Saving Mode

The battery saving mode in Android gives you extra control over power usage. You can enable it and set it to turn off as soon as the battery charges enough. Another useful feature is Adaptive Battery that follows your usage patterns and creates customised battery saving options.

10. Update Regularly

As you update all apps regularly, you should do the same with the OS. Thankfully, these updates take little time and offer you even more possibilities to create a personalised Android experience. So, when you see an update notification, don’t delay it — upgrade your mobile device as soon as possible.


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