6 Mistakes with TikTok Marketing and How to Avoid Them

TikTok is the hottest thing around, and it seems like it came out of nowhere. To many of us in the world of social media marketing, we may have only just heard of it right before it reached 1 billion active users!

Well, now is the time to get in on the action. TikTok is here to stay, so use that audience to your advantage. However, there are a lot of mistakes made in the marketing industry that you need to avoid.

Before you add TikTok to your digital marketing strategy, let’s talk about mistakes with TikTok marketing and what you can do to avoid them!

Mistakes With TikTok Marketing: Not Utilizing Other Platforms

TikTok may be the fastest growing social media platform, but there are others that are well established that you may already have a headstart in. Utilize this to your advantage and get people over to your TikTok account.

Add a link in your bio on all your social media profiles and give yourself a shoutout.

Not Optimizing Their Profile

The first thing to do right away is to create a business account, and the second is to get verified. That blue checkmark goes a long way in the industry, and your business can benefit greatly from it.

Make sure your profile picture is clear, legible, and relevant to your brand. Add a short bio with a brief explanation of your business, and add a link to your website. This looks the most professional and brings more traffic to your account.

Not Having Fun

TikTok is a place people go for entertainment, so post interesting content and have fun with it! Don’t just post rigid ad campaigns on there. Instead, get creative.

Younger people use the internet all the time and they see ads everywhere. They know when promotional material is coming, so making yours stand out is important.

Between posts, you can always interact with the public by commenting on viral posts, and have fun with it. Be appropriate and don’t harm your brand, but try to be clever and funny at the same time. This is a great way to bring people to your profile, especially if you’re verified.

Missing Opportunities To Build Followers

From the start, you should do everything you can to build followers. This means interacting with users and posts, replying to questions or comments, and posting creative content. However, getting that momentum is tricky at first. If you need a boost, you can always buy TikTok followers.

Sharing Content

Sharing your fans’ content is excellent, especially if they are loyal fans of your brand. Showing off their love helps you and helps your audience feel like they are a part of something they love! It’s an easy way to make your customers happy!

Waiting Too Long

One of the biggest mistakes with TikTok marketing is not getting in on the action right away. I bet you wish you had gotten into marketing on YouTube right before the peak of its marketing performance!

Well, even though TikTok is big now, it’s still growing! Now is your chance to shine, so take it while it lasts. Keep up with our latest marketing updates, and keep that business growing!


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