6 Tips to Style Your Paithani Sarees for any Occasion

Paithani Silks, the Queen of Silks, these sarees are associated with elegance and queenliness. Although the six and nine yards versions of Paithani saree and blouse designs are available, their weaving techniques set them apart. Paithali saree has excellent craftsmanship and appears identical on both sides. This silk saree retains its silky texture even after years of wear and tear, unlike other silk sarees. Anyone can get hold of these Paithani Sarees Online and get opened to wide range of designs. These sarees are made with naturally colored threads and come in various stunning hues, including red, yellow, sky blue, and peach, to accentuate the beauty with a burst of class.

The body of paithani sarees features paisley designs, with the border and pallu getting special attention. On one of these classic sarees, you can see designs like peacocks, lotuses, parrots, and vines. Traditional Indian musical instruments like the tabla and shehnai are another recurrent topic. Sarees made in Paithani are prized heirlooms passed down from one generation to the next. The richness of a Paithani saree is enhanced when you put some attention and care into styling them, and to help you, here are a few styling tips for your favorite paithani sarees:

Drape Super Duper

A flawless draping style embraces your body and wraps around to accentuate your beauty. Every Indian state has a distinctive culture that contributes to the diversity of draping patterns and changes along with the variations in the saree’s designs. Like any saree, how a Paithani is draped may make or break its appearance. There are various draping options available for Paithani sarees, particularly bridal ones. The most typical draping designs are:

  • Traditional Nauvari Draping
  • Peshwai Nauvari Draping
  • Contemporary Marathi Draping
  • Stylish Marathi Dhoti Draping

Of course, these sarees can also be draped in the traditional ways with an open pallu or a pleated pallu. Today, ready-to-wear designer versions of these sarees are also offered.

Blouse Designs

Choosing the appropriate print or pattern is very important when discussing blouses. Next, we’re referring to the styling. Selecting the correct blouse to transform your appearance from bland to fab is best. The best method to dress up or down your sarees is your choice of blouse. Consider features like the back of the blouse and the sleeves when choosing the blouse design for your Paithani saree. While the saree’s coordinating blouse fabric will give you an ethnic appearance, you can also select more contemporary textiles like net or georgette. You may also play around with your necklines by considering how you want to drape your saree before deciding which neck would highlight it the most.

Makeup Matters

In India, weddings and makeup have grown to be synonymous. Makeup can draw attention to your best features, which makes the outfit look better suited to you. Choose modest makeup options to highlight the beauty of your opulent silk saree. Keep a few suggestions in mind because these sarees are hefty and gleaming. Some combinations that suit everyone include bold and vivid lips, subtle base makeup and bright red lips, sparkly eyes, and rosy cheeks. However, to avoid clashing with the luxury of your bridal saree, avoid wearing makeup that is too subdued or bare-faced.

The Love for Jewelry

Finding the perfect jewelry to compliment the beauty of the Paithani saree can be difficult because they are so exquisite. But, make sure you focus on this element. For their Paithanis, traditional Marathi mulgis pick jewelry made of gold or pearl. The essential jewelry includes items like the Nath, Lakshmi haar, and green bangles. In addition, you might choose uncut diamond jewelry or mix and match for an ultra-modern appearance.

The Right Footwear

Given that a saree conceals the footwear, one could believe that it is simple to get away with wearing any pair of footwear, but they play a more significant role. First, the correct shoes keep your feet cozy for a long time and make your saree drape more attractive. So make sure to choose your shoes with the saree’s draping style. Second, when having your saree draped on the big day, wear the exact shoes to assess elements like the length of your saree and its pallu. Strappy sandals, sparkly wedge heels, and metallic stilettos are the most popular and appropriate footwear choices for Paithani sarees.

The Flows and Curls of Hair

Choosing a hairstyle that complements your saree might be challenging, with many options available. Changing your hair several times while wearing a style can be annoying at best. Hair styling is an excellent method to tie your outfit together, which plays a significant role in the overall look and saree styling. Consider the richness and beauty of the Paithani saree when choosing a hairstyle. You can choose from various elegant buns, elaborate braids, and open hairstyles with added volume. In addition, choose from a selection of real flowers, beautiful hair gems, golden jewelry, etc., as accessories to further enhance the beauty of these sarees.

The Final Word

The above are just a few valuable suggestions for individuals looking to get the most out of their Paithani sarees. Your Paithanisilk saree can become a treasure using one of a hundred different inventive ways. The most trendy fabric is silk, and Paithani, in particular, is the most expensive. A Paithani saree is meticulously woven with gems and threads of genuine silver and gold. Based on the colors, weaves, and designs employed, there are various types of Paithani sarees. You can shop for your favorite paithani sarees online from the best shopping website. We wish you well with your Paithani! We want you to rock easily and perfectly on any day with paithani.