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In the recent Era, a number of beautiful young stars have made their debut in Indian cinema. Among them, three of the ladies are so popular, and each of them has an equal fanbase. In the Kannada movie industry, Rashmika Mandana, and in the Bollywood industry, Ananya Pandey and Sara Ali Khan created their debut in the same time range, and they also have the same fanbase. Their cute smile and their unique presence have helped them to gather a huge fanbase. From their Instagram profile to their other social media platforms, you will be able to see the craze that their fans have shown. 

1. Rashmika Mandana

Social Media
Rashmika Mandana

In the film industry, she is denoted as the crush of India, and she also has gathered a beautiful presence in the industry. Her small videos are being published, most of the people are liking them, and it is getting millions of shares and millions of likes. She has created her first appearance in the year 2018, and still that time she is showing her acting skills in this industry. 

Starting from a middle-class family, now, she is becoming a star, and till then, she is becoming the sensation of many.  Rashmika Mandana age is 25 as she was born in 1996, so it can be said that she is still a young star, and from that time, she is becoming a sensation of many. 

In 2014, she won the pigeon of the Clean & Clear Times Fresh Face of India 2014 title, and till that time, she is struggling to come to the Kanda industry and create her career in this field. Owning the crown helped her to get her career in the Kanda film industry also. 

2. Sara Ali khan

Social Media
Sara Ali khan

Sara Ali Khan is better known as the daughter of saif Ali khan and Amrita Singh, and she has also shown her beauty and talent in the field of the Bollywood industry. She made her debut in Bollywood against Sushant Singh Rajput in the film Kedarnath. 

According to their fans, she is the look-a-like of her mother, Amrita Singh, and it helped her to become a sensation of many. Unlike others, she also has a cute smile and an extraordinary presence that has enabled her to become a star. Besides that, she has lost a considerable amount of weight to be in the place, and according to her, she has taken great inspiration from her grandmother Smt. Sharmila Tagore and grandfather, Mr. Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi. 

She is the granddaughter of the Pataudi nawab’s house, and it also helped her to get fame. Though, she believes that she also had to perform a lot of struggle to be where she is now and get the raze of many. She is also denoted as the princess, and her cute smile also helped her to gather a huge fanbase. 

3. Ananya Pandey

Social Media
Ananya Pandey

She is also a leading actress who has shown her acting skills in the Bollywood film industry. Ananya Pandey age is just 25 as she was born in the year 1996, and she is also showing her acting skills in the Indian Bollywood industry. 

Though she is a Starkid still, she has to struggle to make her presence in Bollywood and create her own stand. She has started her career in the year 2018 as the film student of the year, and still, then, she is in this sector. From the acting skills to the modeling skills she has shown, it helps her to become a star. 

Every picture that is being published on the internet is gaining immense popularity, and her cute smile is taking the hearts of many. From her Instagram profile to the other shapes, she has also shown their presence and become a rising star. She has started learning acting from her father, and still, now, she is learning from her father. And she is enhancing her ability in comedy skills also. 


These are the names of top actresses who have shown their skills in the Indian film industry. Not just their acting skills, they have also demonstrated their beauty in the industry and become the heart of many. Their fans also have a tough fight between them to establish their favorite as the most popular actress, and hopefully, their struggle will remain constant. 

Now, who will become the most popular actress, time will tell, but each and everyone has a long run in the film industry. Two of them, who are star kids, and Rashmika, who has started her journey from a simple middle-class family, have to find out the way to show their skills in the industry and stay in the industry. Everyone still has to learn a lot from their seniors to become a star. However, whom do you like most? Well, it will be entirely your decision, and you can also join their fan’s fight to establish your actress as their favorite one.


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