Bloggers Must Follow This SEO Checklist 2022

Blogging involves SEO, and you need to plan and apply SEO tactics carefully.

SEO is not a fixed methodology, so a few factors impact search engine ranking. You should put a lot of effort into organic traffic. As a result, all bloggers should consider SEO strategies when posting.

If you are optimizing a new website or conducting a search engine optimization audit on an existing one, a good SEO checklist will help you determine how efficiently your site performs.

I created this list to help you check your site’s SEO needs because maintaining a list can be challenging.

The tips provided by Technerds cover all the important factors that affect your search engine optimization practically and easily.

Beginners and professionals alike can use our SEO tips.

The following is the SEO checklist for 2021.

2022 SEO Checklist

Among other things, this SEO checklist includes some things you should know and software you should use. If you have any additional tips to add, I covered as much as I could.

The year 2022 brought many new factors to the table. Additionally, I’ll include them so your SEO is ready for competition in the years to come.

SEO Basics checklist:

  1. Yoast SEO plugin should be installed
  2. Make a sitemap
  3. Google search console: Submit your website & sitemap
  4. Bing Webmaster Tools – Submit your website
  5. Your website should be integrated with Google Analytics

Keyword Research checklist:

SEO is based on keyword research.

With every post/page, you must make sure that you are targeting keywords and monitoring their performance. You can track keyword rankings of multiple keywords using tools such as SEMRUSH or KWFinder, which make keyword research easy.

The following resources will help you learn more about Keywords.

  • A keyword’s importance in SEO
  • Researching keywords: How to do it
  • Title Tags, URLs, Descriptions, and Headers with keywords
  • Create clickable headlines by using headline analyzers (make sure to include a keyword in the title)
  • Identify long-tail keywords.

Link Building

Links internal to the site


Outgoing links


Optimization for focus keywords

You can use SEO Writing Assistant to write better content

Grammarly corrects spelling and grammar errors

Follow On-Page SEO guidelines 

Meta Tags

Meta Title
Meta Description




Set Redirections

Ping Services

Must perform:

Submitting your blog sitemap to Google.

Register your website in the Google search console.

Handling 404 pages for SEO.

Obtain backlinks by submitting your website to these sites.


Robot Meta

Image ALT Tag

Robots. Txt

Broken links

SEO Checklist for 2022:

Page load speed

Optimizing page layout

External links

Making your website responsive (optimizing it for desktops, tablets, and smartphones)

Keyword research tools:


Google Keyword planner

SEO Tools:


Backlink checker sites

Helpful tools:

Implementing social media sharing buttons (using SocialSnap)

Yoast SEO plugin Image optimization (web-friendly & faster loading)

Cloudflare CDN for free

The SEO checklist above contains a few items that every blogger should follow.

I have covered the most important ones for bloggers, but there are a lot more than you will find online.

Search engine rankings cannot be obtained through shortcuts like hidden text or keyword stuffing, so I suggest avoiding these unethical methods.


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