Can Disabled Veterans Get a Discount on Car Insurance?

Being in the military is not just a job but a feeling of pride. Many residents proudly join the forces to serve their nation and give their lives a better goal. However, armed forces never come easily. With pride also comes the risk of one’s life for the sake of the nation, and many have got injured in serving their country. Army personnel can get injured due to various reasons. 

If we only look at the vehicles used in WWII, we will get a good idea of how big the risk was. Imagine if in 1935, when they had the powerful blitzkrieg, what would become of the veterans if they got disabled today? The question isn’t about their lives here. The question is that if they live, what is going to become of them. While they might have many relaxations, from counseling to easy loans, can they have basic car insurance?

What kinds of disabilities don’t allow veterans to drive a car? What are the discounts available, or are there discounts at all? If you are also wondering if there is car insurance for disabled veterans, you will get all your answers here. 

Can Disabled Veterans Have Car Insurance?

The straight answer to the question ‘can disabled veterans have car insurance’ is yes. Of course, everybody is entitled to drive a car and have it insured. However, some disabilities can increase the risk of driving. There are many injuries that can affect the basic bodily functions of veterans. If one has weak eyes or has night blindness, then there is more risk for collisions and accidents at night. 

Obviously, if there is a bigger risk, the insurance company will charge more for it. Like this, there could be many disabilities that can increase the risk factor for driving, hence increasing your insurance rates. However, not every honored disability can lead to a risk. So, there is always the case for getting a military discount. 

What do Disabled Veterans Need to get a Discount on Car Insurance?

In most insurance companies, there is a different discount called the disabled veteran discount. Firstly, to be eligible to avail of this discount, you need to prove that you are a disabled veteran. You can ask your insurers for the documents required. It is usually a discharge certificate and an ID that proves that you’re a veteran.

Along with this, you also have to prove the medical ability that you can drive. Just remember, no insurer can charge you extra money just because of your disability. However, if your disability means that you have the extra risk of driving, then that might hike your insurance policy rates. 

How Much can Disabled Veterans Save on Insurance?

While no one can say for the companies, it has been found that every company offers a different percentage of discounts for disabled veterans. Mind you, do not mistake the military discount with the veteran discount.  The military discount is something available for every person that is currently serving in the military, and the disabled veteran discount is specifically made for honorably disabled army people.

Insurance companies never disclose the amounts of disabled veterans’ discounts to the public, however, it is estimated that around 10% discount is a minimum in every company. If you want to be more sure, then you can contact a reputed company and ask for more details. They will definitely help you with all your doubts. 

What are the best discounts by Insurance Providers?

There are many companies in the market that provide you good Military discounts on auto insurance policies. Liberty Mutual gives you a discount of 4%, while MetLife and Geico both have a discount of 15% for military personnel.

There are two more reputed insurance companies that can give you a better discount than 15% and that are: Safe Auto and Esurance. Both these companies give you a 25% military discount. 

While having a percentage definitely helps, this doesn’t mean companies like Progressive, USAA, and State Farm do not have a discount policy for military personnel and disabled veterans.

Besides the military discounts, companies also offer Retired Military Discounts. If somehow you cannot avail of the disabled veteran discount, then Safeco offers a retired military discount of 25%, and Geico offers the same of 15%. 

Do research before choosing an Insurer

Always, and by always, I mean every single time you look for an insurer to do good research. Do not land on the first company to go by. Also, the discount percentages mentioned in the article above might not be exactly the same. 

Many factors are considered when insurance companies have to give you a discount. Obviously, if you are looking for ways to get a discount, then they will be looking for ways to save the discount. If you have any other queries, then just comment below, and I’ll be happy to help you more. 


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