DemoCreator- The Best Gameplay Recorder

During the pandemic, online gaming has been at an all-time high. Among the newbies, some pro players have also emerged. Such people often get requested to show their techniques and tricks, so a need for game screen recorder occurs. 

Games such as PUBG, Minecraft, Call of Duty, and many others are often streamed online. One way of streaming gameplay online is Twitch, but not everyone has a fantastic internet connection/bandwidth. 

So, another way of showing off your skills online is by recording your gameplay and uploading it to YouTube. Although you have many different options for recording software, in this article, we will discuss one of the best ones-Wondershare DemoCreator

DemoCreator: Perfect Tool for Gameplay Recording

DemoCreator is a screen recording software created by Wondershare. It is an excellent game capture software for beginners. It is compatible with both Windows as well as macOS. 

System Requirements

The following table mentions the tech specs that will allow DemoCreator to run at its optimum level.

Specs Windows Mac
Supported OS 64-bit OS

  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 10
  • macOS v11(Big Sur)
  • macOS v10.15(Catalina)
  • macOS v10.14(Mojave)
  • macOS v10.13 (High Sierra)
Processor Intel i3 or better multi core processor, 2GHz or above Recommend Intel i5 or better multi core processor, 2GHz or above
RAM At least 3GB physical RAM (8GB required for HD and 4K videos) 8 GB RAM (16GB required for HD and 4K videos)
Screen Resolution/Graphics 1366*768 or better
  • Intel HD Graphics 5000 or later
  • NVIDIA GeForce GTX 700 or later
  • AMD Radeon R5 or later.
Disk At least 2GB free hard-disk space for installation At least 10GB free hard-disk space for installation

Why is DemoCreator Useful?

DemoCreator’s usefulness comes from its proactivity as it not only allows you to record your games perfectly but also provides you with an option to enhance your captured video with innovative and fantastic editing tools. 

Another notable thing about DemoCreator is that it records your audio and video in separate streams. Therefore, making it super easy to edit them individually. This, in turn, gives you more flexibility in the post-production stage. 

DemoCreator Game Capture Editing Tools

Now that you know what Wondershare DemoCreator is, let’s take a deeper look into what kind of editing options it provides you with.

Here, we will enlighten you with the vastness of DemoCreator editing tools. 

Once you finish recording a video, you enter into the video editing interface of DemoCreator, which looks like this. 

This is where all your editing will take place. 

So, let’s see what options you have. 

Track Editing Options

If you click on the track present in the timeline, you will be given a bunch of editing options in the Editing panel on the right of your screen. 

Here, you can transform (adjust the scale, rotation, and position of the video), do compositing (adjust the blending), and play around with the speed of the video. 

You can also click on the speaker on the top of the Editing panel to edit the audio volume or denoise the audio. Furthermore, cursor options and hotkey tips are also available. 

Transition Effects

Moving over to the Effects panel on the left, you will see a “Transition” icon. When you click on it, you will notice several transition effects that you can add to the recording of your game. 

You can add these effects at the beginning or end of your recorded gameplay to give an exciting look to your intro and outro. Such effects will surely engage your viewers. 


Another effective tool that DemoCreator has is Captions. This feature allows you to add a title, an end credit, subtitles, and lower thirds to your videos. 

When recording a simple game, there is no introductory title as you simply begin playing the game. So, you can use “Opener” effects to do that in post-production. 

The same is the case with subtitles.

Furthermore, if you are a huge influencer, you probably have a team, and it is essential to give them credit for helping out. Here, you can choose from the different “End Credit” captions. 

Last but not least are the lower third captions. They are used to give your viewer some necessary information about the game, but you also don’t want it to distract them from the main video. 

So, these are the different ways in which you can use the Caption effects. 

More Effects

Moving further down, the Effects panel will come to an icon labeled “Effect.” This is where you will find the most variety of effects such as green screen, pan & zoom, facial recognition, mirror effect, etc. 

In gameplay recording, the Pan and Zoom effect comes in handy as you can use it to zoom in and explain to the viewers the intricate details of the game. 

You can also switch to other options, such as text behaviors, clip motions, and filters. 

Text Behaviors

These effects are used to change how the text appears on the screen. It provides animation for the text. You can use it to add texts to your video and make it stand out. 

Clip Motion

These effects are pretty similar to the transitions as they control how a clip appears in a video. If you are using multiple clips, you can apply different effects to them. It will give your video a more professional look. 


You can also apply filters to your captured video. 

Besides the aforementioned editing options, you can add annotations, stickers, cursor effects, and different sounds to your recorded gameplay.

DemoCreator Export and Sharing Options

Moving on to the post-editing part, where you have to save the file. The unique feature of DemoCreator is that it lets you export the video to your computer and lets you directly upload the video to YouTube. 

All you have to do is enter your YouTube account details, and the video will be uploaded immediately. This feature saves you a lot of hassle and time as you can share the video without any delay. 


DemoCreator is a remarkable screen recording and video editing tool. Wondershare has done a great job at providing gamers with such a proactive platform. You can record premium quality videos whether you are a beginner or a professional. 

The variety of effects that DemoCreator provides is an undoubtedly unique aspect, and we are sure that it will fulfill all your recording/editing needs aptly. 


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