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Download Facebook Videos to all devices 2021

In the following article, we will guide you How to use a Facebook downloader to download Facebook video fastest on all current devices with the best quality.

  • Download Facebook video to iPhone / iPad

iPhone/iPad are the least supported devices to save Facebook video nowadays, so we recommend you to use the online tool – Facebook Video DownloaderSnapSave.App to download Fb videos in the fastest way and with the best quality that Facebook supports (ultra HD 4K)

How to download Fb video to iPhone/iPad with SnapSave.App

Step 1: Tab the “Share” button and select “Copy link” at the Facebook video you want to download

Step 2: Paste the video link into: https://SnapSave.App & choose Download

Facebook Video
Download Facebook Videos

Step 3: Select the quality you want to download and press Download (Or Render then Download)

  • Download Facebook video to Android phone

In addition to using the online tool SnapSave.App as above, with Android phones, there is a faster way that is to use the Android App:  Video Downloader for Facebook FullHD 4K – SnapSave

Download App Facebook Downloader SnapSave on Google Play by clicking here, then Install it on your phone

How to download Fb Video to Android phone with SnapSave app:

Step 1: At the Fb Video you want to download, tab “Share” and then select “Copy link” 

Step 2: Switch to app Video Downloader for Facebook Full HD 4K – SnapSave paste the video link just copied

Step 3: Choose the quality you want to download (Highest is 4K) and hit Download and the video will automatically download to your folder

Facebook Videos
Download Facebook Videos

Note: With the resolution on the phone, we recommend that you choose 720p HD quality to be able to show clearly on the phone and save your phone space.

  • Download Facebook Video on Computer (PC/Mac)

Downloading video from Facebook to your computer is also in addition to the first way using the online tool SnapSave.App, for computer users, the most commonly used browser is Google Chrome, we have also developed an extension to help users. Users can view, select and download videos even more quickly.

It’s an extension: #1 FB Video Downloader HD+ (SnapSave) (Click here to download)

Click Add to Chrome, then choose Add-on 

How to download Facebook video on Computer with Snapsave extension:

Step 1: When you are watching Facebook Video with Chrome, there will be 2 resolution options in the video Download SD or HD+ 

Step 2: If you want to download quickly, click Download SD the Fb video will automatically download to your computer, if you want to download higher quality, click  HD+ the link of the website will appear, you just need to copy the link and paste it there

 Facebook Videos
Download Facebook Videos

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