How Do Protein Bars Help Your Weight Loss Goals?

Growing up, most of us have been advised to consume protein-based foods for a healthy lifestyle. This is because protein is a vital macronutrient for the human body. It helps in performing and executing several bodily functions. When a regular meal is enriched with protein, it automatically contributes to strengthening the immune system, muscle mass and helps in accelerating the body’s metabolism. 

This is why many people use protein-focused meals and supplements in their fitness regimes and achieve body goals. Typically, protein can be found in foods like meat, fish, nuts, and so on. However, when you’re looking for a convenient and easy way to include protein in your diet in today’s busy and bustling world- protein bars are the go-to. 

With their many dietary and lifestyle benefits, quick and filling protein bars are the perfect alternative to big and long meals. Not only are protein bars rich in protein, but they’re also low in sodium. They’re usually packed with minerals and vitamins to boost health. They help regulate your food intake level, help you feel full faster, and are the bridge between you and your weight loss goals.Let us understand more about how consuming protein bars can be beneficial for aiding your weight loss goals. 

Boosts Calorie Burn

A good portion of the calories that we consume are directed towards aiding the body’s digestion and metabolism, which converts stored fat into units of energy that aid primary body functions. This is commonly referred to as the Thermic Effect of Food or TEF. 

While other food groups such as carbohydrates and fats have around 3-10% thermic effect at most, protein has a much higher rate of 20-30%, meaning that your body releases more endothermic heat while burning proteins. This is beneficial for both boosting your body’s metabolic activity as well as developing lean muscle.

The fat-burning effect of protein bars is especially maximised during our sleep cycle, which is why it is recommended to consume a bar before going to sleep. It is also recommended that you up to your caloric intake with natural, whole sources of food as that helps you maintain energy levels while eliminating additional calories.

Reduces Appetite

Protein bars are a great way of filling yourself up and avoiding hunger pangs. Proteins are usually much denser in their structure as compared to food groups such as carbs and fats. Due to their tightly compressed form and highly nourishing ingredients, protein bars can help you feel fuller, which automatically makes you consume fewer calories thereafter. Doing this for an extended period, either on a day-to-day basis or a meal-to-meal basis, can put your body in a state of the caloric deficit while boosting metabolism. This is especially beneficial to bodybuilders in the cutting stage and needs to keep up with their protein intake and workout routines while being in a caloric deficit. 

Prevents Muscle Loss and Metabolic Slowdown

Losing a few numbers on the scale does not necessarily mean that your body is losing pure units of fat. When we go on weight loss diets and exercise regimes, our body tends to lose a lot of muscle mass. The primary goal here should be to lose the fat present under the skin and around vital organs instead of losing muscle. By losing enough muscle fat, our body’s metabolic rate also ends up taking a hit, meaning that the amount of calories burned by your body while at rest is now lower than ever.

Consuming enough protein can direct your body into utilising stored units of subcutaneous fats to produce more energy while preventing a possible metabolic slowdown. Instead, as you maintain a steady intake of protein in combination with an exercise regime, your body can unlock higher levels of metabolic activity, which can help you burn actual fat while maintaining muscle mass.

Regulates Hormones

While it may not seem obvious, a good chunk of our weight is regulated by our brain, especially the hypothalamus, which maintains an active record of the food you consume and sends impulse signals to the brain. These signals control the secretion of hormones such as GLP-1, peptide YY and cholecystokinin, also known as satiety hormones. Consuming protein bars can help your brain sign the release of satiety hormones while limiting the secretion of hunger hormones such as ghrelin, effectively reducing your appetite and aiding weight loss.


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