How often should you post on Facebook?






We have all been there battling between how much posting is too much or too little. If you have researched how to gain traction on Facebook, then you know how critical engagement is. Posting regularly and bombarding people with content is separated by a thin line. How often you should post on Facebook can be quickly answered by looking at these factors:

Are all your posts getting likes?

If you post frequently, you will notice that your videos do not get the same attention. To determine whether you are posting too frequently, observe the difference in likes. If you have videos with thousands of likes and videos with very few likes, you may not be giving people enough time to digest your content. For videos to get noticed by the public, people should share and like your content. Most Facebook influencers purchase likes from sites like Buzzvoice to ensure that they get likes from the moment they post their videos. Visit and see the packages they have.

Do people ask you to put out more content? 

If you have people sending you messages and commenting that they cannot wait for new content, you are not posting enough. The people that enjoy the content you create should have snippets to entertain them at all times. If you are not happy with the likes on your previous post, you can share the post and ask people what they enjoyed the most. Do not go on a hiatus and leave people with no content. You can always share highlights of the videos you will be posting or future projects.

Are your fans growing?

Facebook has the option where people can like your page and become a fan. The work you put out and people share should get you fans. If the likes on your posts are not translating to more people liking your page, you may need a new strategy. Your page should have many likes to prove that people enjoy all the content you put out. If you have very few videos that go viral and people do not like your page, you may not be putting out engaging content. The more likes you get on your posts and videos, the more you know your posts reach the intended audience.

The takeaway

Posting twice a day is advised if you want to reach all your fans. The posts should be structured so that one is a call to action and the other is content you want to share. People that do not post a call to action do not have large engagements on their posts. Asking your fans how often you should be posting will let you know what your fan base expects from you. It will also allow you to see when your users are online, and you will know what time you should be posting your content. Keep in mind that you need likes and shares for your work to reach a wider audience.

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