How to Advertise Your Childcare on Social Media 

After the restrictions that were put in place to combat the spread of covid-19 were eased, the education sector can finally have some good news.  The resumption of in-person learning is finally resuming and you can use this opportunity to create good momentum for the coming terms, showcasing what your childcare center can offer.  

Here are actionable tips that can help you to advertise your childcare center on social media.

1. Post video tours of the establishment

Create a video about your site and make it accessible on your Facebook page to current and future parents. A behind-the-scenes video enables you to showcase some aspects of your school that are not normally visible. This video should also cover your able teaching teachers, team leaders, and the youngsters engaging in different activities. Record your pupils showcasing their experiences and talents in unique ways and you will stand out differently against your competition. If done the right way, those videos may provide the prospects with palpable feelings about your school, and parents can see what’s usually not available to them.

2. Hire influencers to create content for you

The role that influencers play in promoting your business online cannot be underestimated. If you look for a popular local influencer with followers from the area that your childcare center serves, you will have your amazing content served to the parents that you are targeting easily. With the help of social media influencers, your establishment can make a huge impression, and attract more children and their parents who may be interested in joining your institution. “If you consider yourself an experienced mom and think you can share some knowledge, research, and learn how to become a brand ambassador to influence other groups of parents. “

3. Post compelling learner stories

Although this may not happen every day, some amazing learner stories may emerge from among your pupils. You can use this to showcase your center and show what children do while inside there. You can showcase them taking part in various activities that are either part of their curriculum or not. You should select students carefully with who you can record their experiences and use them as your ambassadors for social media marketing. Use some creativity and take advantage of the liberties which your school may use to create videos, and ensure that those video creations are more compelling.

4. Use Instagram and TikTok Reels

While Instagram has been there for a while, TikTok has earned the reputation of being the fastest growing social platform. You can take the popularity of these social media platforms to showcase your offering and show potential parents who are looking for childcare centers for their youngsters the infrastructure that you have and help them to understand what makes you different from other childcare centers that are available in the neighborhoods.

5. Build excitement around events that leverage social media stories

Snapchat and Instagram Stories offer a way where you can post and share images and videos that disappear after 24 hours. These are normally very popular, and each of those videos attracts millions of active users every day. You may ensure that the video that you use in these stories carries the images and photos of the landmark buildings that your property offers.


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