How to Set Up Facebook Shops to Sell More

Selling on Facebook is a wise decision in this eCommerce era. The competition is fierce, but with over 2.6 billion active monthly users, there is more than enough audience to go around!

Facebook Shops is now known as one of the latest eCommerce updates from the big platform. It has tremendously elevated typical Facebook Page Shops into something more shoppable, cohesive, and of course customizable. Well, we are all for it!

Take heart, those of you who sell digital products. In the future, Facebook is looking into the possibility of allowing you to create a Shop. So, keep an eye on this Facebook updates page, where we curate all of the most recent features for you.

You don’t yet have a Facebook Page Shop? Forget all the worries. We have the most simple in-depth guide to show you how to set one up.

1. Show the “Shop” Section

If the tab does not appear on your page, navigate to the Settings / Edit page. From there, you can choose which pages to display. You can also choose to hide some or rearrange the order.

TIP: Put the Shop at the top of the list.

2. Configure Your Page’s Template

Though you may have assumed that you could change the appearance of your page, you cannot. The only thing we’re looking for here is a template that matches the type of business we have and has the option of displaying the ‘Shop’ tab.

The options listed below are the ones that display products by default.

  • Sales: aimed at drawing attention to products and images.
  • Services: Attempts to bridge the gap between the supplier and the user.

It is not a problem if you are using another template, such as Business, Restaurants, or Standard.  You simply need to change it. Edit the tabs as described above so that the ‘Shop’ tab is visible, and then begin the configuration process.

3. Setting Up Your Shop

The first step is to determine what will happen when users click on your products. For the time being, Facebook only provides two options:

  • The client is directed to your own website to complete the payment process.
  • Opening a chat box to add more information and complete the sale.

For products like quality enclosures by https://www.eabel.com/ the first option is preferable. However, if you provide services, you must provide more information before selling them. It is more of a lead magnet than a sale in and of itself.

Aside from services, in the case of expensive or personalized products, it is also a better idea to initiate a conversation rather than sending clients off to buy the products. Those aren’t the kinds of sales you can make with just one look at the product. The following step is to select the currency for your prices.

4. Add a Description

The final step before you begin uploading your products is to provide a description of your shop. Try to be unique, but keep your mouth shut. What you sell and how it will benefit users should be clear in a single line.

After completing these four steps, you will be able to begin adding products to your Facebook shop.

Requirements Plus Uploading Products to Your Facebook Shop

Adding new items is simple, and implementation is quick and painless. You only need to remember the following:

  • Images: Images must be square, at least 1024 x 1024 pixels, and on a white background. Images will not be blocked for the time being as a result of this rule, but they recommend that images be close-up and include only one product.
  • Variation: they are similar to product attributes such as size, color, and so on. You have a total of four.

Remember that, as with any promotional image on Facebook, you should not include more than 20% text. Last but not least, be patient when adding images. After you’ve uploaded one, you’ll have to wait a few minutes for it to be validated. They are typically published within 5-10 minutes.

Product Collections

You must organize your products after you have uploaded them. How can you do this? Simply by including collections!

Consider them to be eCommerce categories. Adding your products at random creates chaos, and chaos does not go well with a high conversion rate.

Organizing your products into collections makes browsing easier, more organized, and increases the likelihood of clicking—which is our ultimate goal. In addition to your eCommerce categories, here are some additional collection ideas:

  • Offers.
  • New releases.
  • Grouped products

Any categorization that helps users understand what you offer at a glance is beneficial. You can even use ones you already have on Pinterest.

In Close

We have made you walk through the process of setting up Facebook Shops in the above guide. If you own a pre-existing Facebook Page Shop, that’s great. It’s even best if Facebook has sent you a notification about the availability of Facebook Shops. It is a simple process of a few steps that can change the entire direction of your business.

Is it therefore worthwhile to have a Facebook store? It’s worthwhile—it can be a very useful way of supporting your eCommerce and directing some of your efforts. It is even highly recommended by experts in some industries such as FabAuto.

Being able to tag some of your best packaging just like china packaging manufacturer Logospack in different pictures is a huge plus if you have a packaging eCommerce store. Users are only one click away from viewing your product and entering your website to make a purchase. It is almost a requirement for a well-thought-out social media marketing strategy.


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