Instagram Strategies for Beginners

Instagram is where the money is for aspiring influencers, and it makes sense with over a billion active users on the platform.

However, it can be tricky to build followers, even with that many people around. Well, the good news is that you can get as many of those as you want, if you follow the right steps!

Let’s talk about some Instagram strategies for getting followers.

Instagram Strategies: Be Consistent

Right away, even with zero followers, start posting interesting content on a consistent basis. You can even produce a lot of content in advance, store it up, and set a timer! Don’t overdo it or underdo it though. You may want to post a few times a day in the beginning, but not much more than that.

Take Easy Advantages

There are a few easy advantages you can take for building up a following organically.

For example, there are times of the day that are more advantageous to post, so find out the most active times on Instagram so you can post when the time is right. That’s only the average though. If you know there’s an event that’s relevant to your content style, that’s also going to be the right time. If you want to be a sports influencer, posting during the big games will be advantageous to building the right type of following.

Use hashtags as much as possible. It’s such an easy way to get noticed. Look at what is trending and try to stay relevant to that as much as possible. People look through these all the time, so one good post can win any of them over!

Commenting on viral posts is great! You can take advantage of other people’s success and take some for yourself. Take a minute or two to think of the right, clever comment to make and see if people respond! You could even wind up showing at the top!

Give Yourself A Boost!

Once you have a strong foundation to work from, it’s a lot easier to build off of that momentum! You can even buy Instagram followers to get your numbers moving! From there, it gets a lot easier to build organic traffic. You’ll have more credibility with a larger following.

Focus On Engagement

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Engagement is every bit as important as a following. Having the right engagement strategy is important. This includes posting relevant, entertaining content at the right times.

Brands don’t only look at follower numbers, they look at engagement rates, too. Having a following helps with this, big time, but focusing on improving your engagement rates will be important down the line.

Once you have somewhat of an audience, engage with them directly. This looks awesome, it makes people feel like they want to connect with you, and it helps you appear more authentic.

Have Fun!

There’s no point in only focusing on the hard parts of Instagram strategies. The platform is there for people’s entertainment, so don’t feel bad about having some fun with it. Get creative, be yourself, and enjoy the process of building your following! Keep up to date with us on our latest marketing news, and get started on your Instagram journey today!


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