KeepStream Downloader software, your one time solution for offline watch

Netflix, Hulu, HBO, Amazon Prime, Disney Plus are these names that have become synonyms with the word entertainment. KeepStream downloader assists you to ponder your binge-watching of all these OTT platforms with a bunch of blockbuster movies, megahit shows, documentaries etc. How?

Stay with us, and you will come to know a new doorway of entertainment buzz at your home.

How has the word ‘entertainment’ changed nowadays? 

If you are an active OTT watcher, you already know how these OTT platforms provide us with entertainment. Especially after the covid breakout and all the world’s theaters got closed, and people were forced to sit at home with a hope that one day everything will be fine.

Every week Netflix, HBO, Hulu, Disney Plus etc., releases new movies, web series and several documentaries about current topics. People watch them and enjoy them to divert their focus from the pain of home confinement.

To watch the shows or movies from these OTT platforms, you need an account with login credentials and paid membership or subscribership. Along with these criteria, you need a supportive device that supports and views the OTT content.

Once you have this stuff, you are ready to watch anything and everything on Netflix, Hulu, HBO, Disney Plus etc., and enjoy the premium content with your loved ones.

But sometimes, due to professional commitment, we miss or skip the show we have been watching for several weeks. And sometimes, due to relocation, you are restricted to watch a few contents on several shows or movies.

A few reasons why you need a third-party downloader software

There are several reasons behind your opting out of third-party downloader software. Some certain restrictions would influence your binge-watching. The limits are discussed below:

Region based content

Netflix, HBO, Hulu, Disney Plus etc., live streams have a huge market worldwide. But as per the demography and geographic location, standard of living of the countries, these OTT set their content library.

You cannot cross the content restrictions based on region. If you change the location, chances are less; you will see the series you dropped in between the shifting.

Download restrictions

The OTT live stream service fixes its download restrictions in two ways. First, you cannot keep downloading content for more than 30 days on your device. After 30 days, it will be removed. And if you start watching just after the download, your content will be removed within 48 hours.

HBO and HBO Max live streams do not allow 30 downloads per account. It is another restriction imposed on the watchers, which is critical.

Device menace that does not support all the live stream

Not all the modern and the latest equipped devices are supportive in terms of watching live streams. Before selecting any OTT, you need to check which devices support that OTT live stream. And whether it is available at your home or not.

New release and megahit shows are restricted to download

Netflix, HBO, like live streams, won’t allow you to download the new release movies or megahit shows for a specific time being. You have to wait for the period to download the content.

These are the basic and common issues when you switch on your entertainment mode from a local cable connection to OTT live stream.

But restrictions should not hold you to watch your favorite show you do not want to skip or miss.

Then what is the way out?

It is the answer that you need third-party downloader software to keep continuing your watching OTT live streaming.

KeepStream downloader software, a software that gives you many solutions

We want to suggest you choose KeepStream downloader software for your offline watch. KeepStream, a product of Keepvid, is designed with all the latest technology and technique to provide you an outstanding offline watching experience.

Why do you need a KeepStream downloader?

KeepStream downloader application supports all the OTT norms, and you can download unlimited content from Netflix, Hulu, HBO, Disney Plus etc., without any expiry date.

There are specific measures that you need to use for KeepStream downloader software.

  • There is no expiry date of the downloaded content
  • There is no region-based download issue as you can sit anywhere and download any content from any OTT channel.
  • You can save the content as long as you wish to keep those items in your content library.

These are the non-technical terms of the downloader software. Now we will see its high-end features that bring a great experience in offline watch of your favorite movie at your peacetime.

The profound features serve the true purpose of the offline watch.

The comprehensive features of the software are designed to meet the requirement of the offline watch. Let’s check them out.

High-resolution picture quality

You can watch the download content in 1080p. You can extend the high resolution up to 4k and even 8k.

Audio channel 5.1 AAC

The ear-soothing audio quality in the AAC 5.1 stereo track gives a fantastic feeling at home. The software even supports EAC3 5.1, AC3 5.1, or AAC 2.O sounds.

Metadata and subtitles saving option

You can save the subtitles and metadata info like the movie’s name, plot settings, star cast, genre, releasing detail etc., in your preferred language that helps you to develop your content library.

Save movies in MP4 and the.SRT files

You can save the download content in MP4 format and even in the.SRT file. The video compatibility in MP4 format is impressive in terms of keeping the content for later watches.

No commercial breaks

KeepStream downloader won’t allow you to watch the download content with commercial break disturbance. The downloader software gives you an uninterrupted watching experience.

High-speed download

The downloader application reduces the download time by providing a fast-speed download that allows you bulk download in a less time-consuming manner.

 Built-in browser settings for multiple browsers

You can browse from different channels and then select the content you want to download from there.

Batch download option

The software would auto-detect whether the content consists of episodes or series. Once detected, it will start downloading the following series or episodes one after another.

Supports 1000+ other websites

KeepStream downloader software can browse and support other online channels like YouTube and Twitter-like 1000+ websites to provide you with whatever you want to watch offline.

The pricing of the KeepStream downloader

The downloader software comes with a budget-friendly mode of plans. The highly performed software downloader starts with a monthly schedule of $19.9 with a single license of 1 PC. The yearly charge is $59.9 with single support for 2 PCs. Both the plans have unlimited features and access approval once the payment is made.

A free plan will serve you the trial purpose. 24*7 customer care support are the additional benefits you can avail of at any time.

Install the software and operate it; it’s easy to access.

Once you know about the software, you must know how to operate it. For the next couple of paragraphs, we will note down the operational steps and guidance.

Let’s begin:

Step 1: Download the software

Visit the official website and download the software by clicking the link: KeepStream Downloader

Step 2: Open the window

After launch, the software opens the window pane to select the streaming service.

Step 3: Log in to your live stream account

You need to login into your live stream account to access the shows or movies.

Step 4: Select the movie or show.

Browse the show or movie, select one and click on the content

Step 5: Check the subtitle and metadata infobox

Here you need to check the language box for the subtitles and metadata information.

Step 6: Download

Click on the download button and then save. If the show consists of episodes or series, the application will download all the following episodes one by one.

The installation and operation process is easily accessible. If you are a first-time user, you will not face any trouble as the software is user-friendly.

KeepStream offers all the other live streaming downloaders. Check them here:

KeepStream Netflix Downloader

You can download unlimited content from Netflix broadcast list of programs like movies, shows, documentaries etc. and enjoy them in your leisure time by installing KeepStream downloader software and making your time worth spending.

KeepStream Amazon Prime downloader

This July, Prime brings many new releases, super hit web series, shows to make you sit in front of your device. KeepStream allows you to download all the new releases and megahit shows to further watch with family and friends.

KeepStream Hulu downloader

Getting annoying by skipping super hit movies on Hulu? Install KeepStream downloader software and download all your favorite shows from Hulu and save them on your device.

KeepStream HBO downloader

Upset by HBO’s norms not to download more than 30 content at a time? Do not worry. Install KeepStream downloader software and download content how many you want.

KeepStream Disney Plus downloader

Gift your kid a complete Disney Plus entertainment package by installing KeepStream downloader software and make your family time a happy watching time together.

KeepStream Paramount Plus downloader

You can download content from Paramount Plus by KeepStream downloader software and save them for further watch.

KeepStream ESPN Plus downloader

Be a sports lover, watch matches, download all the leagues and tournaments, and enjoy the thrill with KeepStream downloader software.

KeepStream U-Next downloader

U-Next, a Japan-based online television service that would not allow outside watch. You can install the KeepStream downloader application and watch and save all the U-Next content for later watch.

KeepStream Funimation downloader

Hang on with Japan’s favorite iconic cartoon Anime and download content by KeepStream Funimation downloader software to watch them with your kids.


KeepStream originated by Keepvid broadens the entertainment horizon and satisfies your offline watching habits. The software would give you the best download content that generates your passionate OTT live streaming and a great watching experience. Despite the OTT or wherever you stay, you can download content and store them for later watch.


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