Learn to Become a Pilates Instructor Today – Here’s How






Pilates is one of the best body exercise programs that you can get into. You not only get to exercise, but you also get to condition your body to the best it can be. Now to become an instructor who takes time, learns, and a bit of effort on your side. 

When you’re a Pilates instructor, you get to teach more of the time than do anything else. As much as you’ll be doing Pilates, your primary focus will be to teach others how-to. Now, you need the correct info if you’re to get into this field, and here’s everything you need to know. 

Research the Best Program

When you go online to find the best Pilates program, you’ll come up with several options to choose from. And since there are plenty of recommendations, the right one needs to offer you some things. 

  • At least 500 hours of learning. Learning includes training and practice. They also need to offer you student teaching. 
  • Different modules that take part over months.
  • Recognized by the Pilates Method Alliance. 

Mat or Comprehensive 

After you have figured out the institution you want to be a part of (https://breathe-education.com) , you now need to figure out whether you want a comprehensive or mat certification. These two certifications are pretty different, but both will provide you with employment opportunities in this field. 

When you get a mat certification, you can only teach in gyms where Pilates happens in a closed environment. And there’s only the use of mats. The problems with this certificate are it isn’t dynamic. 

With the comprehensive certificate, you get a broader lay of the land. Especially if you want to earn a good living off Pilates instruction, here, you can even take up private clients as much as working in a gym. 

You can also perform in the class almost everywhere. And you not only get to use mats, but you can also use other equipment too. You can use a chair, trap table/ Cadillac, and a reformer. The comprehensive certificate is for those who want to teach full-time. 

The fees for each certificate differ but, on all programs, you get a stable $100 -$300 for the mat certification and comprehensive costs around $3000. 


Each program is different and comes with a different duration. To secure a mat certification, it will only take you a month or two. You have to take at least 12 months before you get a comprehensive certificate. 


After you are done with training, you need to secure work. Most of the studios won’t hire you unless you have your liability insurance, though. This is one way they get to protect themselves in any eventuality. It would help if you did not worry, as you can easily find liability insurance today online by looking at various insurance outlets. 


Becoming a Pilates instructor comes with several responsibilities than any you had earlier imagined. But knuckling down and getting on that path needs some time and focus. You’ll need at least 12 plus months of training to get comprehensive training and certification before you get started. Mat certification is available; it’s limited, though.

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