Look At These 5 Influencer Profile Metrics

Are you thinking of developing an influencer-based marketing campaign but aren’t certain what you should be looking for in influencers? We’ve got you covered. You shouldn’t leap ahead too fast, since careful planning will lead to the greatest outcomes. Continue reading to learn more.

Finding the best influencers

Before you can begin to study the influencers’ profiles it is essential that you have to locate the influencers first. We’ll go over the best methods for doing this. There are three primary methods to identify social media influencers and the one you pick will be based on your goals as well as your budget.


The best option is to perform a search manually using the specific social media platform you plan to start an effort on. This approach isn’t the easiest when it comes to analysing profiles, but it could be suitable for your needs.

The advantage of looking this way is that it’s free and completely under your control. The downside is that it could be quite time-consuming, particularly in the case of more than a handful of influencers.

Here are some suggestions to aid your search by searching for influencers in:

* Comment section

* your likes

* Followers of yours

* your brand tag and mentions

Influencer marketing platform

Joining the influencer marketing platform is probably the most effective way to conduct influencer marketing campaigns. Numerous platforms provide different pricing plans, which often include the option of free, which makes them accessible to all budgets.

Through the help of an influencer marketing platform like Heepsy it is possible to find influencers that are suitable for your needs by searching specific filters like the location, category, and demographics. This can save your company much time and effort by being able to swiftly reduce your search.

One of the great things of the influencer marketing platform is being capable of analyzing the profiles thoroughly making lists to look at the stats of influencers. However, more about this later.


The third option is hiring an agency to manage your influencer marketing campaign on behalf of you. The agencies can design amazing influencer marketing campaigns, however, it isn’t without cost. If you’ve got a large budget, then it’s certainly worth looking into.

The only drawback to this strategy is the fact that it means that control is completely handed over to the agency without any involvement from your company throughout the process.

The importance of studying influencer profiles

After we’ve discussed the best methods to locate influential people, let’s dive into the process of analyzing their profiles. This is perhaps the most important aspect of your campaign. What sets the campaign from the rest is identifying the ideal influencers to promote your brand. This involves finding influencers who are in tune with your brand’s values and mission and also the same with your audience’s. Whatever platform you’re working on, it’s important to take these metrics into consideration, whether you’re looking at TikTok analytics, or any other social platform of choice.

Follower growth

In the beginning, you should be looking at the rate of growth of followers over time. While follower counts aren’t always crucial, it’s a good idea to examine the way that an influencer’s followers have been growing or decreasing in time.

You’ll need to watch for a steady rise in followers. There should be any sudden drops or increases in followers. This could be a sign of behavior which resembles purchasing followers.

It’s also crucial to keep in mind that this may be due to content that needs a follow-up for entry into an offer, such as. Therefore, make sure you investigate this in the event that it is.

Engagement rates

The second statistic I’d suggest looking at would be engagement levels. It is vital in the context of influencer marketing because this will tell the level of interest people are in influencer’s material. Although reach may be an important factor for you, it’s not really worth the effort in the absence of consumers who are engaged in the product or service which is being advertised.

You should aim to identify influencers that have the highest engagement rate. This is a sign of a strong connection between the influencer as well as their fans. If they have followers who are able to trust their opinions and views and trust their opinions, they are more likely to trust advice on products of the person who is an influencer.

Comments and likes

The analysis of comments and likes on the posts of an influencer is another way to gauge the interest of the public. Look at the types of comments that appear on their different types of posts. Are they natural? Asking questions about products? Are they fan accounts?

It is also a great method of determining if the influencer is involved in the purchase of comments or likes. In addition, using the help of an influencer marketing platform you can observe a likes-to-comments ratio. If you notice a significant gap between their comments and likes, it could be an indication that the influencer is buying the influencer.

Audience demographics

A factor you should be paying attention to when you plan your campaign is the matching of an influencer’s fan base to your brand’s intended market. If your company is selling skincare-related products it’s advised to promote them to people who are looking for beauty and skincare isn’t it?

Through Heepsy, you’ll be able to find out information about your audience’s demographics like the location, age range as well as interests, languages, and age range. While an influencer might belong to a particular group or demographic, that doesn’t mean that their followers will be as well. Make sure to take a look at this infographic!

Audience insight

Then, you need to be looking at the authenticity metrics of the profile of an influencer. It is difficult to accomplish without the aid from an influential platform. But, you can look out for certain suspect characteristics we’ve mentioned previously.

With Heepsy, you are able to determine the authenticity of the audience by looking at an estimate of the number of followers who are suspicious. These might be accounts that appear odd or exhibit the usual behavior of bots on the internet.

Take Away

If there’s one thing you can learn from this article it’s studying influencer profiles in depth for the greatest performance of your campaign. While you might be able to come up with a fantastic campaign without the use of any influencer marketing platform, I would strongly suggest it due to price and time efficiency. Whether you’re working with Instagram influencers, YouTubers, or TikTok creators, it’s important to take all of these metrics into consideration.


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