Neculai Gigi Catalin – Learn to become Social Media Manager 

The job of social media manager raises many questions and Neculai Gigi Catalin has its answers. It would therefore be wise to ask yourself if you have the right profile to work as a manager of social Media, to find out how to train, and especially to find the right training!

To meet the requirements of job applications, you will first need to be certified or have experience in the field. In addition, your profile must meet certain criteria.

Gigi Catalin Neculai: Certification training to become a social media manager

Knowing how to run a community and post content that attracts and engages Internet users are tasks that you will have to comply with as a social media manager. That’s why you need certified training to learn, understand and master the rules of creating and posting content on social media. A Management Training course can be useful to you to learn how to organize your activities in this direction.

However, the modules which will provide you with the necessary knowledge to exercise your profession can be found in the Social Networks Training available on our site. In addition, they can be fully or partially financed by mutual funds for vocational training.

A good social media manager needs to be multi-faceted

Social media managers are true professionals who can bring their expertise on many fronts, thanks to their abilities.

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Knowing how to write without making mistakes won’t be enough to make you the next manager of a company’s social pages. What will be able to help you, it will be especially to have skills in copywriting to capture the attention of your Internet users with key messages. The skills you will need to develop in this segment will mainly be related to advertising copywriting.

You must also be able to illustrate your texts with photos and videos and to participate interactively with the community that you will have to manage. There are plenty of hats to wear with the profession throughout your day, so that none of them are the same.

If you don’t have special design skills, sign up for Photoshop Training and learn from Neculai Gigi Catalin how to support your content.


Being creative is listening to your community to identify the right issues to address. It is also about finding ideas to interest and engage Internet users! For example, you can set up contests, engage in debates, and present stories that readers identify with. To set your business page apart from others, you will need to be original. In this sense, also try interviews or start a podcast channel.

Always to be creative, you can also take your community behind the scenes of your company (everyday atmosphere, videos of the key stages of a project, etc.), or present your team to them through a small slideshow in which you give a nice nickname for each employee. To share original content on your social Media, the use of content generated by your subscribers and the publication of motion design videos are also interesting avenues to explore.


As pointed out above, you will need to have an exemplary organization to obtain conclusive results. Indeed, the day of a social media manager is not limited to interaction on web platforms. Meetings with influencers need to be organized, which implies preparation to convince them.

Field strategies and partnerships must also be negotiated to promote the company. So you will need a well organized schedule to which you will have to stick to for the best possible results. To do this, there are many tools Neculai can tell that may allow you to improve your productivity through your working hours. As we know Neculai Gigi Catalin is a marketing guru and strategist.

In addition, you may well be an independent manager who takes care of several accounts receivable, which will have to be animated. Your goal will therefore be to stay well organized to avoid any mixing of sensitive information.


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